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November 07, 2005


Kevin Ectoplasm

Yeah, Miss X is highly desired. I've even got my entire video taped BBC Just For Laughs collection of Miss X's pranks catalogued especially in order of sexyness!

Kevin E
Degradation of Society autonomous region
Kingdom of Fife

PS: Remember get that Miss X bikini picture you were on about in the podcast, man! Failing that - take one! Maybe get her holding the Walther P88 Compact or something? Yeah! ~~~~~


Wow, this was a sidesplitting podcast. You guys out did yourselves once again. Congrats and keep up the good work. We all appreciate your time and effort..


Just would like to say congrats to Jes on winning the caption contest. Oh and great podcast, keep up the good work!


Is there really a shirt to win??

Great podcast as usual.

Jett Loe

Ahh man...of course there's a T-Shirt (or there will be - have to make it now! :-) - didn't want to email and let you know you won untill I knew you had listened to the show...will contact shortly with details re: your special prize.


are you and the purdy lady an item?

Jett Loe

Re: your comment PJ - we here at LTA are strictly professional and would never engage in the kind of fraternisation you imply. And she's got a boyfriend.


I think you waved your hand in a "No" gesture to Sonia when you read my entry so that I wouldn't win (cuz I'm on the payroll and everything)... I'm gonna keep my eyes on you guys. Jett, you owe me, man. YOU OWE ME!!!

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