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September 14, 2005


Alicia Peyrano

Jett lives there, it's nuts!

David Baxter

You know what Jett, if you don't like it mate, ship out. Nobody makes you stay in Northern Ireland. You do absolutely nothing to show people how attractive this country actually is.

Jett Loe

Little thin skinned there David? I recommend this movie for ya:

Letter to America - Chapter 66 - Jett Loe, I'm Gonna Knock Your F**K In

David Baxter

I enjoyed your little video Jett. I enjoy a lot on your blog but i think my comments are fair enough.

We have lived through this bloody conflict for over 30 years and we see light at the end of the tunnel. However many people throughout the city, Protestant and Catholic get so annoyed by people who didn't give a fuck about this play when the bombs were flying around want to come over here now either as tourists or for their careers. Especially when items like the above photograph are posted and sent around the world. I'm sure many many many similar photographs could be taken in your own homeland of civil disturbance.

Try to include more of the heritage of Northern Ireland, the industry, the 2nd world war effort, the bravery and stoicism of the people and the HUGE contribution that Ulster peoples have made the the New World.

I apologise for my earlier comments on this post.

Jett Loe

Response to David's Comment

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