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September 29, 2005

Letter to America - Chapter 4 - Mono

In response to concern about download times Letter to America will now be issued strictly in Mono.  Here's Chapter 4 remixed for ya in this exciting new monocular format.

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September 28, 2005

Letter to America - Chapter 4

Alicia misses her Porn, Jett finds out what Northern Irish Women Really Want, the IRA Decommission their Weapons and Bush is Back on the Booze.  All this and bad stereo production on Belfast's very own Letter to America - Chapter 4!

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September 26, 2005

Thanks Everybody!

Just a wee note to say thanks to everybody for hangin' in there while we're sorting out our tech problems.  In lieu of a new chapter of Letter to America, (should be up in two days), LTA gives you this wee film about this strange land we call Belfast, County Northern Ireland.  Hope ya enjoy! (click on the new 'Movies' category to access the film).


Belfast City Essay No. 1

The Haunted Palace

A little introduction to Belfast.  Shot and edited in one day, Belfast City Essay No. 1 takes you on a wee tour of this strange, strange city.  For you American viewers there may be a bit too many in-jokes that will reduce the 'comedy power' of this short but I hope ya enjoy.  (Includes footage of Gerry Anderson's final resting place, a trip down IRA memory lane and a short visit to Holywood).

Belfast City Essay No. 1 (YouTube)

Belfast City Essay No. 1 (Google Video) 

Belfast City Essay No. 1 (27mb)

Belfast City Essay No. 1 (86mb)


September 22, 2005

The Psychic Barber

Hey there Dear Listener - Mr. Loe here in Glasgow.  This city is plastered with posters advertising this guy.

Quite frankly he frightens me.  But what concerns me more than his scary half-mad stare is the quote: "TV's Most Accurate Medium."  What can this possibly mean?  The posters have disturbed so much I decided to take  several pics to share with you.  When I downloaded them into my laptop I found several strange 'ghost' images walking through the scene.  Proof perhaps of another world, and of 'The Psychic Barber's' strange, magnetic power?


September 20, 2005

Technical Issues with iTunes

Dear Listener,
LTA must apologise if you are having problems downloading the latest Chapters using iTunes.  While the problem is being rectified Letter to America advises you to just click through on the links to the various Chapters to listen directly or use an application other than iTunes such as iPodderX.


Letter to America - Chapter 3

Alicia gets caught up in a Riot, Jett moves into the Red Light District and Wayne comes into his own.  All this and more on Letter to America - Chapter 3.

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September 18, 2005

Chapter 3 coming

Hey there Dear Listener - Jett Loe of Letter to America here to let you know that Chapter 3 of our exciting adventures should be up by Tuesday evening - a slight delay due to the fact that I've been in Glasgow.

Chapter 3 should be worth the wait though as we have tales of derring do from Alicia as she describes being caught up in the Belfast riots!

While you're waiting here is a picture snapped at the Belfast City Airport as myself and fellow travelers queue for our delayed flight.  Sorry it's not more exciting.


September 15, 2005

Calling all Belfast Sculptors

Announcing Letter to America's Alternative Local Sculpture Competition!!

The Thanksgiving Square is a prime location in Belfast, framing the entrance into Belfast over the Queen's Bridge. The silver, tubular, pony-tailed girl with a hula hoop in her hand that stands there at present was made by Andy Scott, a Scottish sculptor. The tall sculpture welcoming people into Belfast is OK. But Letter to America would have liked to have seen something GREAT go up in her place. More importantly we think this was a missed opportunity to showcase LOCAL talent.

If you or someone you know is a Sculptor in or from Northern Ireland, we'd like to see photos of your work.

Please write to [email protected] and include a little information about the artist. We will post the work on this site for the world to judge for itself.

The best alternative sculpture will win a special (yet to be determined) prize. The real reward, of course, is reflecting on the need for more local talent exposure. Here is to the proliferation of Belfast arts and culture!


September 14, 2005

Action Heats up in Belfast

Nice in the Spring though

Here's a Photo of one of the Letter to America Team reading the newspaper - lots of local news to catch up on!



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