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October 12, 2005



To partially play devil's advocate here, I wouldn't start writing complaint letters about the statue just yet. It's true that it'd be great to have works by Belfast sculptors in Belfast. However, creating giant artistic installations isn't exactly a common line of work - there may just not be many local professionals. So commissioning the work out, if not ideal, seems a reasonable solution for a medium-sized city that wants some artwork.

Also, it isn't as though this statue is being forced upon Belfast by foreigners. While I don't know how representative the group is, it was commissioned and selected by the Belfast City Council, a group which in theory should the people's interest at heart. If they feel this statue properly expresses something important for Belfast, I see no reason why they shouldn't choose it. Maybe they even feel work from known sculptors worldwide will give Belfast a sense of being a sort of international culture centre or portray that its population is becoming more diverse.

This said, there is one condition in which I'd write letters of complaint to the powers that be over this statue: if most people just don't like it. If the Belfast City Council is off enjoying a private unusual sculpture fetish that the citizens don't share, than yes, you should do something. But otherwise, I'd let it go. I honestly think the sculpture could be beautiful (unlike the first you posted) once erected, and it's nice to see a city that cares about enhancing its landscape artistically.

... I can't believe I just made babbling post about sculptures in Belfast. Sure sign that I should be studying, right?

- Jenny

Jett Loe

Hmmm...just who are the 'Belfast City Council' and do they have the Sculpture Going Public's best interest at heart? Am tempted to reply but will save it for the ol' Podcast which will be coming your way in a couple o' days.

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