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October 29, 2005

Radioactive Girl

Radioactive Girl
Hey there Folks -
per a request from a listener we post another pic of Miss X in Action.  Don't mind the guy to her right, not sure what his deal is.

Also we've got a request - if you enjoy the show why not rate us or write a review to help get the Letter to America 'message' out there.  Click on the Links below, type in Belfast or Letter to America in the Search Fields and let the World know what you think. (please comment on the Letter to America already reviewed - we've got a problem with multiple listings - thanks!)


October 28, 2005

Challenge Accepted

Holy Crap!  Go over to our arch-rivals Culturesluts to hear them dissing us at length.  They throw down a Challenge and according to the ancient laws of the Podcast Guild, LTA accepts.  Per Guild rules we must never communicate except via Podcast so tune in to the next Chapter to hear what LTA has in mind.

The Rivals


October 27, 2005

Letter to America - Chapter 7

Good God Almighty, it's Letter to America, Chapter 7, the Northern Ireland Podcast.  In which Miss X gets extra sexy, Sonia Butterworth is revealed as Posh English Totty, the National Security Agency's Echelon is triggered again,  The Belfast Telegraph is Dissed, Wayne Ordinary American reveals his True Self, The Bird Flu is Feared, Northern Irish Dating is discussed, The Crescent Arts Festival is recommended for George W. Bush, Keith Law helps with Belfast Blow-in tips, for once the Culturesluts Rivalry is not mentioned and Jett Loe loses his temper.  All this and more on Letter to America, Belfast's very own Irish Northern Irish Northern Ireland Irelandish Podcast!

Link to the World Criminal Non-Commercial Archive


October 19, 2005

Letter to America - Chapter 6

Holy Smokes!  Chapter 6 is unleashed on the World;  Another Belfast, Northern Irish Podcast; in which negligees are discussed, cigarettes are smoked, the existence of brothels are confirmed,  old friends make an appearance, The Belfast City Council commissions Artist Ed Carpenter, and something is subtly different than previous chapters...

Link to the World Criminal Non-Commercial Archive


October 17, 2005

Caption Competition

Hello Everybody - Jett Loe here.

Some folks have emailed me asking how I occupy my time when not slaving away on Letter to America.  Well, currently I'm directing a wacky, light entertainment show for the BBC.  I show as proof a photo taken today of our Art Director posing with one of our Actors as he tries on his new wardrobe for the show.

I feel this pic needs a humorous caption of some kind - so with this pic LTA inaugurates a new, semi-regular segment - the Caption Competition!  Please comment on this pic as you see fit - the winner will receive a customised LTA T-shirt!

Caption Competition 1


October 12, 2005

Belfast Sculpture Explosion

The Regeneration of Belfast continues...

Alan, one of our Belfast Listeners, (well - probably our ONLY Belfast Listener), is keeping up to date with what's happenin' here Crap-Sculpture Wise.  Check this beauty out: 

What the Hell?

Alan's Original Post

Now maybe we're rushing to judgment here - maybe the sculpture won't be as half-assed as it looks but actually a a subtle, moving piece of work that will properly signify the regeneration of this troubled land.

To find out what's what we're officially deputizing you Alan - we'll be in contact soon to ask you to find out what the deal is! 


October 11, 2005

Call out to you Dear Listener

Hey there Dear Listener -

Letter to America now features in a variety of podcast listing services.  If you're a fan of the show - or even if you're not, (cause we're all about tellin' the truth on LTA) - why not rate us and give us a review?



October 09, 2005

Chapter 5 - The Special Edition

The Podcast from Belfast, Northern Ireland gets all jiggy with a Director's Cut of Chapter 5!

Link to the World Criminal Non-Commercial Archive


October 07, 2005

Letter to America - Chapter 5

Oh my God it's Letter to America, Chapter 5! In which Jim Gray gets whacked, Wayne shows no fear, Jett Loe meets Mr. Spooky, London party-goers discuss Bush's assassination, the Culturesluts bring it on and Alicia Peyrano goes out of this world.  All this and more on your very own Belfast, Northern Ireland Podcast!

Link to the World Criminal Non-Commercial Archive


October 06, 2005


It Begins...

If you're a regular listener to LTA you know that we've been trying to contact Culturesluts, an entertaining and informative Podcast from Dublin, with the specific intention of starting a rivalry; and using said rivalry as a cheap gimmick in order to drive up downloads.

Well they've responded and LTA thinks you should tune in to their Podcast this week to listen in!



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