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November 28, 2005

Female Action Couple in London

Have gotten a couple of emails asking for photos of Beth Lloyd and Girlfriend as mentioned in Letter to America - Chapter 10.  They would like to protect their anonymity a little bit so won't be posting any pics of them. 

But to give you an example of how kick-ass they are I post a pic of the Film Poster they have in their Open-Plan Toilet/Shower/Stretching Area.  Yes, that's right it's Baise-Moi.

All I gotta say about Beth and her Lady-Friend is that they don't do anything half-assed.  OF COURSE they would have a FRAMED poster of Baise-Moi in their Space.  That's how HARD-CORE they are baby.


Narnia Fever - Catch It! Part 3

Hey there Dear Listener - even though we are preoccupied here at Letter to America with the details of George Best's funeral we still take time to deal with our other passion:  Narnia

Yes that's right - in a shameless attempt to cash in on Disney's massive media spend for the upcoming picture Narnia:  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Letter to America is immersing itself in Narnia, (cause after all Narnia author C.S. Lewis was born right here in Belfast).

Now of course I have no interest in the books per se - am just trying to cash in on the phenomenon.  To that end I must purchase the books.  I keep making mistakes here.  Check out what I mean:

Narnia Fever - Catch It! Part 1
Narnia Fever - Catch It! Part 2

But I keep trying - here I am in London trying to find the right book.

Narnia in London
Yes, I'm still not sure which Narnia book to start off with.  Looking at this display it seems the books are targeted to kids.

Narnia in London at Waterstones
They were very helpful here at Waterstones on Trafalgar Square, London.

OK - so now I think I've got the right book - will start reading it tonight Dear Listener and read you some choice bits this coming Saturday.


George Best - Coming Home to Belfast

Hey there Dear Listener -
even though Letter to America still has Narnia Fever the most pressing item on the agenda is now George Best's funeral this Saturday.

George Best Funeral Belfast Telegraph Headline
Notice that the Belfast Telegraph is selling a George Best 36-Page Special Supplement, (the nice news-lady gave it to me for free).

George Best Ex-wives and Girlfriends
That's how I'd like my Funeral Headline to read.

George Best Funeral Map
Not sure if this 'Best Funeral' map is disrespectful or not.

Because of this Special Event, Letter to America - Chapter 11 will be coming to you on Saturday Night at Midnite so we can feature segments recorded at the Funeral itself - kinda giving you that 'YOU ARE THERE' feel.

If you're interested in more information about George head over to Wayne Ordinary American's site - it's chock full of GB goodness; and tune in this Saturday Night for the Letter to America George Best Podcast Special.


November 25, 2005

Letter to America - Chapter 10

Ladies and Gentlemen it's the massive, monumental, magnificent One Hour and Thirty Four Minute Letter to America, Chapter 10.

In which George Best is remembered, Marc Sibley is praised, we give you the lowdown on the Playaz, the Belfast Christmas Lights are turned on,  Slugger O'Toole gets mentioned, the Culturesluts rivalry is discussed in detail, Ian Paisley's career as an avant-garde artist is mulled over, Turner Prize winners are imitated,  Keith Law is called a genius, Beth Lloyd worries about Narnia Fever, Streetmonkey is recommended,  Tin Pot Operation gets played again, Rachel Stevens flips the switch, we hear from Wayne Ordinary American many, many times, Brian Greene gives the RSS to the FM, Alan Gillis is read slowly with mistakes, the Levee Breaks, Podcom gets a shout out, Bob Dylan is quoted and the Flashback lasts longer than the show itself. 

All this and more on your very own Irish Podcast.  Or Northern Irish Podcast.  Whatever.

Link to the World Criminal Non-Commercial Archive


November 23, 2005

Rachel Stevens Lights Up Belfast

Ahh, what can one say about Rachel Stevens?  Poet, humanitarian, renowned vascular surgeon and accomplished painter of abstracts in oil Rachel Stevens has accomplished a lot in her wee few years.  We are happy to have her here in Belfast this year to turn on the Christmas Lights outside Belfast City Hall.  Rumours that she was paid £20,000 for 'flipping the switch' will not be listened to.

Pretty Lady
This copy of City Matters shoved through my post box is what alerted me to Rachel's presence in the county.

It was cold
A shot of the lights after Rachel had left, (it was cold).

If you're interested in what the Locals had to say about Rachel's visit then listen in to Chapter 10 coming this Friday Night.

Till then I remain your devoted servant.

P.S. I'm off to check myself now like Rachel advised above.



November 22, 2005

Narnia Fever - Catch It! Part 2

Hey there Dear Listener:  how are you?  Caught Narnia Fever yet?  Because Letter to America's shameless attempt to piggyback on the hype over the upcoming Disney / Walden Media release of Narnia:  the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe continues.

As Wayne Ordinary American points out in his comment to a previous post I have purchased the wrong book.  Apparently there's some controversy over the proper order of the books - as I know nothing of such things I go to the true authority in all things literary in Belfast:

David Torrans of No Alibis Books here in the heart of the fabled University Quarter of Belfast, County Northern Ireland. 

Dave is famous for dispensing tight, spare literary criticism and advice as well as super-strong cups of free coffee.  When I told him my dilemma re:  having to read all the Narnia books in order to cash in on the upcoming release of the film, he said to me "Jett, why READ them when you can LISTEN to them?"  So true to character he loaned me the BBC Radio 4's Complete Chronicles of Narnia (with Full-Cast Dramatisation).

BBC Radio Complete Chronicles of Narnia

No Alibis Belfast
Yep, if you ever need any advice on which books to get on Irish culture, crime and politics Dave is your man, (and I'm not sayin' that cause he gives me free check out that cool painting of Columbo in the background!)

Well, I'm off to put the first tape in the machine and have a listen.  Oh wait a minute.  I don't have a tapedeck...



November 21, 2005

New Feed

Hey there Dear Listener -


after much scratching of heads and timeless tinkering Letter to America seems to have sorted out its Feed Problems.  Just paste in the following:

into your favourite reader.

If you want to subscribe to the show in iTunes just click on the Add to itunes button on the upper left-hand corner of this site or launch iTunes, click on

in the Menu Bar
then click on Subscribe to Podcast

and paste in

Hope this sorts everything out!


Narnia Fever - Catch it!

Hey there Dear Listener -

I have not read any of the Narnia books.  Have no interest in doing so.  Yet as soon as I found out that Narnia author C.S. Lewis was born right here in Belfast, County N.I. I knew what I had to do:  shamelessly piggyback on Disney's media spend in order to generate hits to the website.
So with that in mind Letter to America has officially caught 'Narnia Fever'!

Step 1 - READ the books.  This is going to be tough.  I'm kinda busy and I don't really have time right now but I put YOUR interests first Dear Listener. 

Actually Step 1 should be FIND the books as I don't have any.  So off we go to the local University Bookstore!

C.S. Lewis Quest
This looks like the kid version of the book.  I'd better head upstairs to the 'Adult' section. (p.s. at least i'm not reading the 'I'm Pregnant' magazine that's behind me)


Adult Narnia Action
This looks more like it.  I wonder if it's any good?

Me and Frankie
I look kinda scary here.  Must be the excitement of entering the magical, mystical world of Narnia affecting me.  (p.s. this guy, who I'll call 'Frankie', was really helpful - ask for him whenever you're shopping at the Eason's Bookstore in Botanic Avenue, Belfast)

Well I've got the first book - will start reading and report back to YOU Dear Listener.


November 18, 2005

Letter to America - Chapter 9

Ladies and Gentlemen:  It's the Impossible, Incredible, Time-Travelling Letter to America,  Chapter 9!

In which Jett Loe gets Narnia Fever, Miss X goes Guinness, Clements Coffee is drunk, Tin Pot Operation tears down the House, Brian Turner tells it like it is, we hear the voice of Jefferson Davis, Ian Paisley debuts his latest installation, Copcast gets a shout-out, Ban-Sidhe reviews are reviewed themselves, the N.H.S. is praised, Belfast City Hospital gets a plug, Keith Law gives good Jingle, the Culturesluts Challenge is taken up, The Ormeau Baths Gallery is not talked about, Joseph Beuys is conjured up and oh, did we mention Narnia Fever?  All this and more on your very own Irish Podcast, or Northern Irish Podcast.  Whatever.

Link to the World Criminal Non-Commercial Archive


November 15, 2005

Trailer Happy

In response to a question from Shane in the Post below re:  when's the next Chapter coming out; it will be a few days; in the meantime here's a Teaser Trailer for ya!

Download the Trailer



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