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November 14, 2005



Haaa... love the name. I imagine as a 5-year-old, the prodigious Edward V. Carpenter II saw his name in writing and, noticing the obviously prophetic letters to spell the complicated word "art," realised it was his divine destiny to create large... things. In roundabouts.

Jett Loe

hey man - what happened to playin' Devil's Advocate?
Seriously though - I'm gonna call Edward and get the real lowdown from the man himself...


I must say I do like the guy's work. :)

Jett Loe

yeah exactly - so maybe i've been too 'down' on him...that said notice how the BBC cropped the original 'visualisation' of the piece thereby hiding the surrounds, (ugly tower blocks). That's the thing- the piece is not in isolation - or in a large plaza, but in a we'll see...I'll try to get hold of Ed sometime this week.


Hey LTA Team, you've got a cool new banner. When is the next chapter coming along? Thanks...

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