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November 18, 2005



Downloading now, can't wait :-)

Jett Loe

Oh're in for a bit of a surprise...


I sound like shit... LOL...
I've finally got a new mic.

Jett Loe

ahh man, don't put yourself down - you sound great! :-)


Cool time-splittling Jett Loes'. Anyway, great podcast, and I appreciate the plug.
Keep it up man...


Great, trippy podcast. I laughed out loud a couple times because, with no audible way to tell that there are actually two tracks being spliced together, you often just sound a tad schizophrenic. Maybe not what you were going for, but still entertaining.

So I got a question for you Jett, possibly for a future podcast, and I'm asking here rather than email in case anyone feels like backing me up. Why are you in Belfast? Every time Wayne is introduced you mention that he was just milkin' cows in Colorado, met a Northern Irish girl and now he's in Northern Ireland. So what's your story, Jett? You have a good number of listeners now - I think people would like to know.

Just sayin' :)
- Jenny


Hey, I might be coming over faster than I had anticipated. I've been offered a chance to spend a semester at UCD. I've got a lot of thinking to do, but if at all possible, I'm coming...

Jett Loe

just waiting for the Statute of Limitations to run out Jenny...


That wouldn't surprise me at all.

Jett Loe

that's cool Shane - you'll always have a place to crash here in the heart of Belfast's Red Light District...


Thanks Jett,, I've got until December 15th to make up my mind. By the way, I've got a new episode up, it's hilarious...


Incidentally, "Jett," it's quite obvious your name is made up.

KEV1N Ectoplasm

I wouldn't be so sure about that Jenny. My name isn't made up and nor was Jet from Gladiators - her from ITV Gladiators fame - who specialized in aerial combat and jousted with a large padded pole.

Jett's folks likely spelt it with an extra "t" to that of Jet's to differentiate the name from the term relating to a stream of fluid produced by discharge through an orifice into free space with an engine.

Speaking of which Jett, I think Jet - her from ITV Gladiators fame - who specialized in aerial combat and jousted with a large padded pole, would be a major draw show-wise.

Hey, that was no time splitting! What with the cyborg implant... that visit to the hospital was an operation paid by the Raelians to create a Jett clone. Bird Flu was just a cover story. All we need now is another seven Jett clones to achieve the promised nine times the fun.



I'd like to see that "1" on your birth certificate, KEV1N.

I think you're all in on something large and sinister. But, I probably don't want to know. If I'm going to be brutally murdered at some point, it'll have to be for something more interesting than morbid curiosity over your criminal double lives.


Also, "Jet" was a nickname for Diane Youdale re gladiators. She's probably in on it too.


Not that it matters, but Wayne isn't my "real" name either. In fact, have any of you seen or heard Jett and I in the same room? Perhaps we are one and the same...

KEV1N Ectoplasm

No, she was born Jet Loe but changed it by deed pole for £18 to Diane Youdale... or something.

- "In fact, have any of you seen or heard Jett and I in the same room?", WOA
Kind of... I heard you both in my room when playing the podcast. :-)


What drugs did they give you in this Belfast hospital???? I agree with Jenny - schizophrenic!! :-) Well anyway I'm glad the NHS looked after you.....I had a bad lumpy throat and cough and was prescribed liqourice by my socialist doctor....after 3 requests, I was allowed to see a specialist and was cured with real medicine... so my feelings are split on the healthcare issue.....


Man I've been missing out by not listening to episode nine till today...

Good job as usual.


Rockin' podcast! Thanks for the plug in the show -- I thrilled that I am forever linked to Letter to America. One tiny point -- I'm a girl, not a guy. ;) And my name is pronounced 'Mare'.

I'm so thrilled that you guys are going to a weekly format. You rock.

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