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November 25, 2005



Simply Fantabulous man... :-)


Hi there! Just dropped by to thank you for the link and the shout out in your podcast! Much, much appreciated...

Mr Levee

Thanks for the mention! I was a podcast virgin, but loved the show. Whens the next one?


hey there Mr. Levee -
glad you enjoyed the show - it now goes out weekly midnight on Fridays.
cheers, jt.

KEV1N Nefarious

"...we can see where our listeners are which will make plan B so much easier - :cackles: - the secret Letter To America plan!" - Jett

Is this some BBC pilot - you have to get X million of listeners over a set period of time? I'm thinking it's in the same vain as Dave Gorman who went around the world finding other Dave Gormans or that How To Start Your Own Country where the guy tried to turn his London flat into an independent country and recruited citizens?


Dear Mr. Nefarious - will respond to your comment in the next podcast.


I attempted to download the show into my Playa Pod, but it rejected the 1 hr. 33 mins and 30 seconds of non-playa material discussed on your show.

Otherwise a very good show.

Also, I was suprised to find that you have no Irish accent. You might consider doing the next podcast in an Irish accent so as not to confuse your local listeners.

Thanks for mentioning us!


This is the most surreal thing, it's great, hearing Belfast stuff in an American accent, American radio style. It's like a tonic for homesickness and way cheaper than! Rockin. Kinda weird to be looking out the window and the sudden shower and hearing you talk about George Best (did you hear he died?) and yet, it sounds like home. Oh, and now it's hailing.


Great podcast! I'll be looking for my shirt to come eventually.


At least you got my gender right this week. I won't bother taking you to school on my geographical location or the pronunciation of my name. ;)

Suffice it to say I was thrilled to once again get a shout-out on LTA and immediately commenced to squealing like a small, cornered animal. It's a shame I'm not in Belfast because I'd love to cohost with you some time -- I think it'd be a trip.

Keep doin' it the way you do.


well heck - not being from Belfast or even in Belfast has never stopped the Letter to America Co-Hosts before - will be in contact...

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