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November 21, 2005



Are you to the part about Turkish Delight yet? That confused the hell out of me as a small child. I thought they meant turkey slices, like in my mass-produced American lunches. Those things are terrible. I concluded Edmund had very poor taste.

Have had Turkish Delight and re-read the books since then. The Turkish Delight was good but magically so, the books were slightly worse because the world I loved as a kid had become an allegory and wouldn't forcibly go back. Not that that's so terrible... but I kinda miss the more innocent Narnia from the first time 'round. Still excellent books though.


Mmmmmmm...Turkish Delight. Are the Turks so desparate for sweets that they have to resort to rose water gelatine covered in chocolate? Apparently so. As a child, I too thought it had something to do with real turkey. Boy, reality can be harsh sometimes.


Ummm...Jett, I just looked a little closer at your pic and you've got "The Horse and His Boy." That's like the fifth book in the series. You're gonna be WAY lost in the plot, my friend.

KEV1N Ectoplasm

I cannot speak for recently but in the several times I materialised in Turkey during the 1980/90s, their Turkish Delight is unlike the stuff found elsewhere. None of it was covered in chocolate or looked like the stuff found here.

All their Turkish Delight was cube shaped and sprinkled with flour. It was in lots of flavours and sometimes it had a nut in the middle. You had to buy it in boxes. It actually wasn't very good IMO - I can only describe it as eating jelly cubes but bigger.


Yeah, I haven't read any of them either, but I will definetly check them out...


Jett! Whats with the baseball cap???? It looks more like you've caught Chav-fever than Narnia-fever :-P Anyway, I remember loving the books as a child but cannot remember ONE single thing about them now....maybe I didn't even read them and just loved them because I was a kid and I was supposed to, I dunno...

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