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November 23, 2005



I believe it was only 15,000 pounds to flick a simple light switch. How dare you besmirch the name of one of the finest vascular surgeons in Britain! Small price I say to have her correct the icky varicose veins of the elderly of Belfast (if that's what vascular surgeons do, that is). Shame Jett Loe! Shame!


Well, she looks sexy enough to be a new co-host....did you ask?


If it cost 15'000 just to flip a switch I'd hate to see how much it cost to co-host a podcast.

KEV1N Ectoplasm

- she looks sexy enough to be a new co-host...

Noooooo! :(

Miss X > Bobbi Billard > Rachel Stevens


She's hot, that is for certain...


15,000 for a flipping a lightswitch... I wonder what she gets for performing one of those world-famous vascular surgeries.


Ms Stevens is a bit of alright, but is it true that there was a camera ban in place? She's never been shy before...


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'm suffering from too much turkey. Me go to sleep now...

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