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December 28, 2005



Which region of belfast is called Red-Light District? what is the address? Thanks.

Jett Loe

You know Amu - if you come to Belfast don't forget that there's much more to see than just the world-famous Red Light District - the Giant's Causeway for instance.


yea, which district in belfast is called the red light district. i m from belfast an i aint evr herd of pasrt of it bein called red light distict. u do howevr hear a lot bout weither ur from the falls or the shankle. ya need to b careful in circumstances lyk tht. lol, just sharin sum good advice

con, again

jus a question, since wen was the giants causeway in belfast.....duh.... its the very north of northern ireland not in belfast ya rocket.

Jett Loe

Hi Con - the Red Light District is in the area around the Ormeau Baths Gallery - it has been the place for kerb crawlers to pick up prostitutes in Belfast for at least the past 50 years - come on by and I'll show ya around! :-)

And of course you're right the Giant's Causeway is not in Belfast City itself but a wee short drive away...


how much do the girls charge, i no were oreamu avenue is that were the girls stand about?

Jett Loe

Sorry RANDY...not really gonna facilitate your needs here.

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