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December 20, 2005



it's starbucks envy. They started this no photo policy a couple years ago:


They dont have a head office do they?? Noo! I guess I will continue to sign my own cards for my free coffee ;)


so does that mean Clements is a no-go area now for you?

Esquire's is not so bad... but there's that weird statue out front of a that woman w/ a colander stuck on her rear... strange stuff!!


would help if I read the entire entry before I post... duh!!

Jett Loe

That's alright Penelope - we all make mistakes - and yes I still go to Clements - quite a few of them in Belfast in fact.


Yes there is indeed a head office, ive worked in clements for 5 years, we've never heard of the no photos thing in my shop!

Steven Clements

Well... I've not been to a Clements coffee shop but I'm known as a bit of coffee snob and once I saw their sign, I thought... I'll have to take a visit to Belfast!

a Clements in Canada

Jett Loe

You should come Steven - it's good coffee.

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