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December 19, 2005



I think the protester in the photo is unhappy because he hates John Travolta, and that suit is only cause to remind him of his hatred. Plus, she shouldn't be wearing a white suit after labor day.

Jett Loe

My god your right. I'm thinking he doesn't just hate John Travolta but maybe the whole film cannon of Saturday Night Fever director John Badham. That's crazy - who could hate such film masterworks as: Short Circut and Stakeout?


Apparently, God. Who would've thought He wasn't an 80's fan?

KEV1N Ectoplasm

- Here's some pics I snapped off the TV.

I used to do that for the test cards for the UKI register SNG truck fleet - a rather pointless form of armchair colour bar trainspotting! :-/ Never really got the interlacing on the pictures though.


I think you're right, Jett. Plus, I think that robot in Short Circuit was gay.


Johnny 5 was totally gay

Here in Indiana, Indianapolis City Council narrowly passed a measure protecting gay/bi/transgendered rights against discrimination. Already evey "family protection" religious group is calling for change and trying to get it overturned.

damn haters... love thy neighbor; unless they're a homo


Well, you have to draw the line somewhere...what next gay robots wanting to marry??

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