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December 13, 2005



Come on..can't the Belfast Telegraph do better than that? No "Arnold 'Terminates' Tookie Williams" or "Hasta Lavista, Tookie"?

Jett Loe

That's the great thing about the Telegraph - they're totally clueless. Alicia Peyrano, (you know - the Sean Connery of Letter to America guest hosts), once wrote an article on Belfast day-trips to Paris for a special Travel Section and they illustrated it with a photo of Paris Hilton.


Are you asserting that Google Image Search is not a valid journalism tool?


That could have been an interesting read from that perspective: "Once you're in Paris, there's much to see and do. You can spend hours, days, or weeks inside Paris..." or, "Tourist often go to see Paris expecting love and romance, but instead they only find the dirt and garbage that you don't see in the pictures."

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