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December 29, 2005



-A former co-host on Letter To America
- Jett Loe's apt.
- A .22

KEV1N Ectoplasm

- The woman from Mango you've been following since Chapter 14
- Mango
- A mango in her Mango purse


The real questions are. WHo could take a photo like this? Why has this photo been taken? Does this photo give an insight into the mind of the photographer? Is Belfast a set for a sci fi movie?

Or maybe - is it the girl that has gone missing the police are looking for?

Keep it up J I'm enjoying the photos :-)


How long did she stand there like that, unmoving? Long enough for some traffic to pass and someone on the right to duck out of frame.

Is she a zombie too? Or maybe just a figure of our collective imaginations. Perhaps she keeps her ego in that tiny purse. Hmm...

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