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December 03, 2005



Who says I don't have "AKs" already. LOL... Great show guys. Keep it up...

Jett Loe

man I know you're strapped but the Playaz have got that hard-core, Predator/Commando shit...


Yeah, they've got me beat. :-)


We are prepared to help Maere in any way. We do have military-grade weapons, Tac is certified mixed-martial arts bad-ass, and we also have a Gulfstream IV available.


Yo. I'm in Pittsburgh and thus on the way to Maere, who's near Philly. Since I'm at a geeky school I can provide any computational backup/robotic armies/database access the job requires. Because hey, you always need a girl in the headset that your pointmen can call in a bind for floorplans, access keys, code hacking, etc.


Don't wanna steal your thunder about an upcoming Narnia Fever post - but I'm sure I walked past you today on a CS Lewis tour. You were taking photographs of his house on the Circular Road?

Even if it wasn't you, it got me thinking that it would be weird to be recognised in public for writing a blog. Wouldn't it?

Anyway, the guy I saw sure looked like the guy in the pictures of "Narnia Fever - Catch It! Part 3". Go figure.

Jett Loe

jeez, i'm going to have to start going out in disguise...who the hell gets recognised for his or her blog??

+ the fact that i was freezing my ass off on a 3-hour tour of the childhood home of an author i've only read one page of PROVES my commitment to NARNIA FEVER...


Yeah, well *I've* seen the wardrobe. It's in Illinois. But to be fair that wasn't a fever-driven pilgrimage. More like I stumbled into it. Ouch.


Another great podcast :)

I'm always up to a roadtrip. Maybe we can film the "rescue" for a Letter To America exclusive.

Also, I give you, Jett, total creative discretion over the shirt design. But, I'm not quite as big... an XL will suffice.

Jett Loe

cool Jes - workin' on the T-Shirt Design Now - the problem is getting Miss X to pose for it - she's gone deep, deep undercover...and yeah I've been toying with the idea of an American Based Letter to America film - will discuss more in upcoming (much shorter!) episodes...


Well Jett, you have certainly redeemed yourself in my eyes.

My very own Letter to America rescue mission?! What more could a girl ask for during the Yuletide season? Can the girlfriend come too?


That would be very hot, Maere. By all means, yes.

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