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December 18, 2005



Hey guys, great show. Keep it up...


Well I admit it wasn't gripping-onto-your-seat-for-dear-life-riveting, but you took a risk and did something different and hey, s'all good.

I leave for Belfast in a few hours. Oh man. I'm giddy 14-year old Japanese kid waiting to see the new Pokemon movie, I don't know. I felt it required a metaphor, ok?!


Have a great time Jenny. Let us all know how it goes...

KEV1N Ectoplasm

Great show! Why didn't we hear you take a piss like Leslie Nielsen does in the Naked Gun movie though?

- "Every show is action packed... there's a lot of fucking!", Jett

LOL! 8-D That's figuratively speaking... right?


"That's figuratively speaking... right?"

You mean... you're not getting any?


nice heartfelt ending...

I must be missing something though, I've not encountered any fucking during any podcasts?!?

Jett Loe

Ok - fine, I'll def. have fucking in the next episode.

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