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December 13, 2005



Yep, they are so similar, it's down right scary. The Lions face on the doorknob and on all the merchandise is exact or very close to the same. Keep up the Narnia hunt. :)


oh my god this is the most rubbish site i've ever visted. it's SO BORING! there is no angle, no personality, i don't care... just trying to justify my feelings towards it...

Jett Loe

You're so right, name. People have always told me I suffer from a lack of personality - will have to work on it.


"No angle"???

Are you kidding? Jett is widely considered the most biased non-Northern Irishman in all of Northern Ireland.

Just watch his Captian Planet video to get you started...


A man(?) called "name" accuses someone of having no personality.

Either this is very clever irony, or the dude is a moron.


why would someone who labels this site "rubbish" spend enough time to find a post from 6 months ago before they comment? That's what I'd like to know "name".

(Why do I suspect you work in my office...?)

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