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December 26, 2005


KEV1N Ectoplasm

- Belfast EVERYTHING is closed.

Even the knocking shop?


Dude - I think you just got "Left Behind".


I've never seen a town that sealed up before. Even a town, like mine, in the heart of a red state doesn't slow down. The foggy street pictures are cool. :-)

Jimmy Porter

They are really cool photos. Belfast looks really apocalyptic.. deserted streets, fog of death lingering in the air.. it looks like something out of 28 days later... oh.. ohh.. you could get the spides to act out the part of the infected.. i feel a film coming on.


Nice shots Jett! Sometimes I wish Belfast was this quiet!

Now, about that run of burglaries in the City Centre area......




I've got a curious question for you. What's the deal with the swirvy-crazy lines in the middle of the streets? I've seen these for years, but never bothered asking anyone..


Looks like you wandered onto the set of 28 Days Later, only without the entrails.

So, -is- the end extremely fucking nigh?

Jett Loe

Shane, I think they just divide the lanes but if a driver from this isle knows for sure please let us know.

KEV1N Ectoplasm

The single line in the middle of the road (#2)? Yes - it's a lane divide or centre of road. The bigger the line with less gap means more danger. If the white line turns solid - you cannot cross the divide to overtake (unless in certain circumstances).

The ones with lots of diagonals (#9) means you should not be driving in that part (unless in certain circumstances). Looks to be a pedestrian island crossing further up on that road causing this paint job.

Picture 1, the jaggy lines I am unfamiliar with - some sort of varient of the above. It changes further up to a single-line - so seems to relate to a hazard to the immediate left and right at that part only (there is bollards on the right of the walk). The broken line on the right divide is also far larger than the one on the left.


Thanks KEVIN "whatever". Now I have a clue, I think...


"whatever" in the fact that you change your last name with every post. LOL... :-)

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