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January 25, 2006



I use AOL and I tried to watch the clip. It failed. They're on to you.

Jefferson Davis

Yep, it crapped about half way through with me as well. However, I saved the linked file, and then played it. I've got some IT friends that hate AOL, because they get calls everyday about AOL issues. Some people like it though. Typical AOL horseshit. Great clip Jett...

Jett Loe

I've changed the codec now guys - let me know if it works betta for ya.

Jefferson Davis

Allright, no skips Jett. I guess us Windows fuckers, just need to get a Mac. :-)
Hey, are you using H.264 to encode. That's an awesome new codec. Well, it's not new, it's about a year old now.

Jett Loe

Jefferson: was using the H.264 codec - but re-uploaded with MP4 just cause 'Wayne' having probs...



Jett in full motion video!

The world might not be ready for this...

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