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January 30, 2006



Hmmm I gotta say, I really have never stopped to look at this tree. I will next time though.


that tree goes thru a lot, being next to fightclub aka weatherspoons.

Jett Loe

First rule of Weatherspoons, never talk about Weatherspoons.


Weatherspoons? what's Weatherspoons?


national chain of pubs, with the business plan of cheap drink, no sport shoe kinda place. For me its dirge but its very popular.


Hmmm...thanks. Now forgive me for my ignorance but what is dirge?


wow...I'm stupid never mind


I can't believe no one has ever thought before to juxtapose a tree against an otherwise urban scene. Amazing. Original. Stirring. Visionary.

Jett Loe

wow - i've just checked your I.P. address Sean - you're Michael Heenan - and I've got one word for ya buddy: BUSTED.

Jett Loe

...and you know what it is an INCREDIBLE tree...

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