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January 07, 2006



Great show Jett and Maere. I didn't realise who Lou Rawls was, until I saw his face. He did a lot of comercials back in the day. Very distinguished voice...


My girlfriend sounds immensely sexy on your podcast. Nice one.


Well done Maere.

I hope "Frank" & The Playaz can resolve their issues soon.

El Guapo DC

This is el mejor (the best) show done by an Americano in Belfast that I have ever heard in mi vida. How many Latinos in Belfast? I must go.

Mucho Amor,

El Guapo


Thanks for the props...

FYI: I added your link to my page which is linked to my page, so that's why it showed up. Dunno if that's what you were wondering? I'm researching a trip to the UK and Ireland and abroad study, and found your page.

Great photos and interesting content, btw.

Jett Loe

Mau - I see that you have a list of Glasgow Wi-Fi spots in your page - working in Glasgow a couple months out of every year my tip is - that list is bullshit - if you need free Wi-Fi in Glasgow and you're in the centre of town go to the 'Loop Cafe' next to Bewley's Hotel on Bath Street- the Wi-Fi leaks into the Cafe - is always on and high speed and they let you sit n there for hours, (did LTA Chapters 4 and 5 from there)

Jett Loe

El Guapo -

There are no Latinos in Belfast.

I did meet a Spanish lady here once and had a couple of drinks with her but every conversation always turned to her hatred of the Jews so I had to call bullshit on that.


I'm amazed to see that "Wayne Ordinary American" tied for first on the fav guest hosts poll. In my previous incarnation as "Wayne" I actually voted for Miss X because I didn't read far enough down the list to see "Wayne's" name- so I rest easy in the results. In fact, it is the only rest I have being that I'm in jail and everything...


Are we getting a new segment called Talk To Frank on LTA?


Best show yet. Particularly liked Adam's section and the banter with your co-host (which to be honest is almost the entire show).

And for those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Jett in the flesh, LTA is a lot like the real thing (but without the incipient sense of impending physical violence ).

Michael Heenan

I was thrilled to find "Letter to America" on itunes and quickly downloaded several installments. As an American with strong Co. Down connections, this seemed like a perfect spot for me.

I'm now 15 minutes into the Jan. 9 installment and am beyond disappointed. Who is this gobshite ranting in a nasal whine? When does actual content come in?

Is anyone as amused by this man as he himself is? Most importantly, are people in Belfast listening to this and assuming all us Yanks are as insipid and self-involved as this goodball?


Jett is as Jett does, michael.

Good show by the way as well as the previous one since I didn't comment on it.

Jett Loe

Thanks for the interesting comment Michael - I'll email you to see if we can record a segment with you for the next show - we'll call it 'Critics' Corner'.

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