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January 21, 2006


Jefferson Davis

"I'm out there all right". LOL... Did you get some pics of the hot sister? :-)


I must say I am offended that Frank thinks we are all "the same guy". This is the highest of insults.

I accept this challenge, and look forward to defeating Frank.


You didn't check in with the NSA guy this week ... he'll feel affronted and offended. Maybe he'll stop listening? That is if he listens at all!

You see,'s Technology podcast #79 ( suggests that it wouldn't help the NSA to intercept too many sources, since it would create too many false leads and too much white noise.

Maybe you need to target GCHQ in the UK instead? -


Nice going, Jett. You record me without my knowing (well, sorta) and infuriate the Playaz even more. Other than that, good show. Wee Adam rocks!

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