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January 28, 2006


Jefferson Davis

Totally fantabulous show Jett and “Frank”. That Joe fellow was fucking hilarious…


Just listening now while coding, got to the Heenan part, Omg, what a wanker.


But I have to confess, I laughed.


He didn't hold back! So funny that Joe runs the risk of commandeering the role of Mr Northern Ireland on a permanent basis ... one less viewer for Inside Out then (Joe's programme)


I dunno that Joe guy sounded kinda like a dick. But then I'm not Northern Irish! ;-)

Jett Loe

he's just 'letting the beast out of the cage' tf...


Semi-funny, but true story. I was having breakfast with my parents Sat. and telling them about my appearance on LTA and the staring contest (how proud they must be) - my mother said to be sure and let her know when it was up as she wanted to hear the show.

Much like Alan, my folks are very conservative Christians. I warned my mother that Jett's show was "adult" themed (a few swear words here and there, no big deal) - but I think Joe single handedly put the kybosh on me ever allowing my mother to listen to Chapter 20 now. Thanks, Joe!


Joe, but not Kansas?


Thanks for the entertaining show, and special thanks to Joe for telling it like it is, haha. I was in Northern Ireland over the summer--in the hostel next to Sandy Row last July, in fact, like the New Yorker mentioned on the show.


Great show once again.


So Joe Lindsay's treatment of podcasting has been unleashed on the discerning TV viewing public in Northern Ireland. Anyone tuning in to LTA is in for a surprise!

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