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January 19, 2006



I'm sure there was something on the local news this morning about a ground swell of public opinion urging the lawmakers to stamp out the illegal trade in Apple iPods on the streets of Belfast.

Jefferson Davis

I can't quite tell, but it looks like a 4th generation 20GB IPod. I suppose it could be a 5th Generation 30GB Video, but I can't tell. You've got the full resolution images, what does it look like to you? Cool pics though...


Cocaine might be healthier.

Jett Loe

full resolution reveals 20gb iPod Photo...

Paul Murphy

Just like The Conversation.


What I like is the dude's smile - another satisfied customer!


Jett: Could he see you taking photos? I'd have had a fast car waiting nearby if I were you!


I can identify the dodgey character as none other than:


oops silly me, after reading some more of you blog, I see you know him. /pictures/LTA%20in%20Belfast%20Pub.jpg

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