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January 15, 2006



The famous Belfast subway system!

Jett Loe

Hey thanks again for co-hosting 'the Lift' - hope you're feeling better.


Looks great!

Maybe the podcast after that can be inside a sewer manhole.

Jett Loe

Yeah...we keep goin' lower...


Can we have like a new poll?! :-)

a) Library
b) Bus
c) whatever etc...

Jett Loe

come up with a question and some possible choices and i'll post it, (but not 'Should we have a new poll? Yes, no, etc.)...

and now I'm off to take some pics of Belfast in the rain...cause i'm hardcore that way...

(maybe a poll on whether Mr. McIntyre should be a regular on the show...cause that guy made the whole Chapter)

Jett Loe

+ yeah I like the idea of a poll about where we can do an upcoming show - will ask people during the next Chapter - thanks for the suggestion Mr. K.

El Guapo

Muy bueno amigo. I do not understand anything the Northern Irish say. Can you please ask them to speak American English for me? You need to have more Latinos on the show. At least one. Be down with the brown.

Mucho Amor,

El Guapo

Elizabeth M.

Hi Jett.
Philip B. from Contemporary Exhibitions in Taos, NM told me about your podcasts. What in the world are you doing in Belfast?
Fun to hear your voice - do sound like you're on Jameson's...or something...whatever.
Do you remember me at all?
I'm not surprised at all that you talk fast...because you're the fastest typist I've ever seen.
I was in Dublin about 3 years ago...I guess now I'll have to check out Belfast.

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