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January 31, 2006


Jefferson Davis

Columbo is the man. He always gets the bad guy...


Didn't he have a lazy eye?

Damon I know what to get JL for his b-day- Colombo DVD box sets!

Jett Loe

...I like this ep cause the evil villan is the boss from 'Bewitched'...

p.s. thanks Damon for the Chocolate Box Set...


is that larry tate from bewitched?

Jett Loe



i first seen him in a film called the apartment, in which he plays an advertising exec, guess that was him typecast

Jett Loe

yeah - he did good 'bureaucratic evil'...
but i just love his sunglasses/blue suit/powderblue tie...the whole look...


you should rock that look jett, its very belfast...


Jes - the eye was so lazy it decided not to even stay in Peter Falk's head.

Judging from what was on the TV in the previous photos, I am relieved to see it was "Columbo" you wanted to watch.


You should have been watched a comedy classic like Too Many Crooks on BBC2 yesterday ( - probably the highlight of daytime TV when you're off sick.

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