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February 24, 2006


Jimmy Porter

Just out of idle curiosity, who is the man holding an AK in the framed picture?

You may explain this in the video cast which I have yet to watch, but will do as soon as I have the office to myself and can actually hear it.

Wayne Ordinary American

This will be worth watching just to see you, Jett, actually sitting still.


But Jett doesn't sit still - he tosses and turns, stretches, sits up and slouches, crosses and uncrosses his arms ... but it's not so noticable until you watch at 25x speed.

(Oh I'm going to get so much grief from jett for now having fast forwarded through both the audio and video versions. But the promise still stands to listen to it in real time on the next flight.)

Disappointingly, I can't buy a copy of John Cages 4'33" on iTunes - so I can't do a compare and contrast with LTA23.

Jett Loe

I'll talk briefly about the guy holding the AK-47 on this weekend's show Jimmy - cheers, jt.


Looks like Jett fell asleep during the last podcast ... or maybe this week's LTA is even more minimalist than last weeks!

Time for Wayne to stage a takeover bid ...

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