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February 16, 2006





If you had LTA posters up on your street I would so send some boys round to take them down and replace them with Votail Nelly posters.


Joe Estevez!? Could you please ask him about the whole 'Emilio - Charlie' thing? Emilio and Charlie are brothers, right (half-brothers, step?)? Yet I am confused by the whole Estevez-Sheen lineage.

It would be great if he would explain it.

Jett Loe

He actually talked about it today - but it's REALLY COMPLICATED...


Does it involve math or physics?


Just so you know, Ben and I are having a Photoshop Competition/Duel on that first image. If any LTAers want to join in, feel free!


"After the public vote these lists will be reduced to 5 blogs per category and our judges will then decide on the best blog in each category."

Hey! What's that all about? And I thought we Americans were the only ones who were confused about the meaning of words like "voting" and "democracy."


Here's the first entry.


Sheen-Estevez thing? Simple. Daddy Martin took Sheen as a working name, Charlie followed, Emilio kept the family name Estevez.

Is that the Uncle on the right of the picture? The one with the bonnet? Such a strong family resemblance to Martin.


Thank you, Nelly. Damn those hollywood-types and their name changes.

Makes me wonder if "Jett" is really an Estevez, too...


You wouldn't be far off, Phil. I've ofter wondered the same thing...


Of course I meant "often"


I think that entry should be the new LTA banner. That should scare the pants off the Heenan.

Jefferson Davis

Hey, great photoshop entry Jenny. That sums up Jett...

Jefferson Davis

Jett, when is the next chapter coming?

Jett Loe

Next Chapter is coming tonight, Sunday, uploading after I wrap on this marine thing.

Jefferson Davis

Cool, thanks for the heads up.

Jett Loe

Sorry buddy - gave ya the wrong time - have to go to wrap party for this film - so will upload and post tomorrow - all the best, jt.

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