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February 02, 2006



Jett, I think that's the most honest I've ever seen/heard you.

...unless you're doing material again. ;p

Jett Loe

I'm a fucking onion...should do a podcast that's the 'behind the scenes' of the vidcast...;-)


And a regular meetup in Katy Daly's to review the rushes ...

And a behind-the-scenes blog for the meetup ...

It could be the next Blair Witch Project


Be careful of that blinding Belfast sun, Jett. It makes a man cuh-ray-zee...


Sounds pretty interesting...

Jefferson Davis

Looking forward to more of the behind the scene of the (behind-the scenes)making of "Feeling Better"


If by "onion," you mean, "forlorn-looking hillbilly looking out the window of his double-wide," I'd have to agree.

Jett Loe

wow - i've just checked your I.P. address Sean - you're Michael Heenan - and I've got one word for ya buddy: BUSTED.

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