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February 01, 2006

FutureFear - Episode 1

Paul Darrow in the first episode of FutureFear

Back in the last century I was working for a large cable company in the U.K. and created FutureFear, a thriller/sci-fi show designed to showcase what we called 'Broadband'.

We made 6 episodes: the production values were nil, the direction and acting often awful.  I realised at the time I should have taken over and directed it myself but did not - and at the end of the day I decided not to release the series.

But now thanks to the miracle of Google Video all the stuff that's been clogging up my old hard drives can now be yours! So sit back enjoy some old-fashioned sci-fi pulp hosted by Blake's 7 Paul Darrow - and you know what?  It's a big hunk of cheese, but it is fun!

FutureFear - Episode 1


Almost a Twighlight Zone feel to it in a creepy sort of way... I enjoyed it, especially when Tina started speaking along with her friend word for word at the end.

I have to admit I loved being told by Paul Darrow that he's through talking to me.

Paul Darrow was a trip - can do great 'menacing' - especially in the episode when he comes into conflict wit the creator of FutureFear...

You got our hopes up when you mentioned Blakes 7 ... and then dashed them when it turned into something resembling a corporate video that would have been played in the Millennium Dome (*) in 2000.

(*) for US readers, the Millennium Dome's a doomed tent built in London Docklands for the year 2000 that was to be filled with wonderful displays, activities and vision, to make all UK citizens proud, and help us leap with passion and vigour into the new millennium ... but turned out to be a costly white elephant, that some people enjoyed, most ignored, and the planners still can't quite work out what to do with.

Hey there Alan - you encapsulated my feelings about the show pretty well there - we had to make something that showcased what was called 'streaming video' but the production values were abysmal.

And man, did you go to the dome - what about the BT Talk Zone? At least Beth, (Letter to America co-host for Chapter 10 and the Christmas Special), and I got comped in. And on that note FutureFears' not costin'ya anything is it?

P.S. If you thought the acting was bad in that one - wait till you see what's coming up! ;-)

Had 2 tickets for the Dome, but never used them.

Bet you get more hits for FutureFear on Google Video than you would have on Telewest all those years ago!

You can see why the (commercial) content creation for 3G mobiles and broadband is all done on the back of existing mainstream productions (soap operas, drama etc) and not made standalone.

But that's way too serious for LTA. "Another show altogether".

Let's just cross our fingers and hope that ORAC will make an appearance!

Sounds like you need to start some sort of 'New Tech/Mobile Tech' podcast Alan...

And this is where Future Fear was created...

wow...thanks Paul for posting that photo - brings back memories of surfing the web aimlessly, (and I do miss that Skull - went missing on a drunken night where I almost got my ass kicked by a bunch of American frat boys visiting London - only a big, black bouncer who stood between me and them, (and who helped pick me up after they knocked me to the ground), saved me - I'll never forget when he yelled to me: brother you better run!).

Video no longer available. :(

Sorry, kit - I'll have to re-upload all these (6 or 7 episodes to YouTube).

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