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February 05, 2006


Jefferson Davis

You out did yourself again Jett. Great show Jett, Maere, and Wayne. Keep it up...


I just remembered that we never got the poll results for the "best episode" poll either, on top of everything else.

Am I too distracting as a co-host, Jett? ;p

Jett Loe

...i know am always forgetting segments - will institue a new system from this point forward...and yes you're VERY distracting maere! (if that is your real name...)


Damn! I was eagerly anticipating that *I* would be named male co-host, only to be let down when I heard it was Wayne (cha-ching!).

My dreams have been dashed. If you ever need a temporary replacement, or if Wayne should meet an unexpected death, I am your guy.


Geez Jett, did you actually add an echo onto your Mr. Northern Ireland segment post-production to make his kitchen sound as big as a concert hall? That's amusing, but what happened to LTA's "commitment to reality?"

Jett Loe

No effects added in post Jenny - that's just what happens when you record in a large space with no objects in it :-) - nuthin' to dampen the sound, (you've seen the kitchen - it's empty...)


Weird. I'll take your word for it as I never recorded there. It sounds nothing like that in real life. The only sound is the soothing buzz of the juice-o-matic 2000 or something.


Got to see Pavee Lackeen the other week - interesting film ... though very restricted release in Ireland and UK. How/where on earth did you see it in January?

I put some thoughts up at

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