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February 26, 2006



Re El Paso - Dundalk is a border town. Fruit & nut baskets? How did I end up the go-to gal for fruits and nuts? Or do I even want to know the answer to that. No California jokes, please.

These guys look the job:


A possibly better link within that site.

I will stop now.


Must take a trip to the gallery some lunchtime - sounds interesting. You certainly fulfilled your arts & culture remit in the podcast this week - only problem is that it won't count for the upcoming blog awards!

And no Miss X. We'll all have to tune into the radio to hear her instead ... though it's difficult to listen online when one of the the station's websites has been dead for the last 10 days.

Oh, and my ears might have deceived me, but did Wayne actually get a word in edgeways this week? Well done Wayne.


I only got a chance to check out your show today and I have to say it's great. Really enjoyed it and I think there should be more of this kind of thing in blogging.
Thanks for the nice words - very best of luck to you guys in the awards, you deserve to win something.

PS Confound Word spellchecker!


A couple of things:

The subject of "Fritz the Cat" came up, and I believe Jett said, or intimated that Friz Freleng had something to do with Fritz the Cat...this would be incorrect. Freleng directed many of the old Bugs Bunny and Pink Panther cartoons. Robert Crumb was the creator of Fritz, and I believe Harvey Pekar did some of the first illustrations of Fritz if I'm not mistaken.

Secondly, it sounds like there is some strife and tension between Jett and Wayne. It may be that Wayne just isn't working out as co-host. In the event you decide to give Wayne the boot, I am ready to step in. Just give me the word.

Jett Loe

Re: Fritz - yeah I thought Wayne was talking about Fritz Freleng - but not that F.F. was the creator of Fritz the Cat - and yeah, am not too sure about Wayne at this point - may have to try something different in the next Chapter + thanks for the El Paso info Carrie - though I don't get what you mean re: you're the go-to-gal for fruits and nuts.


Mr. Val was quite an addition to the show, where's his own podcast? I think Jett perhaps misunderstood Marcus when he talked about his rating scale for Irish women. He was really proposing the "Loe 5". He only mentioned "bottom" cause he knows you like a little junk in the trunk.


Sad to say that this was my first time checking out the podcast. Delightful stuff. I'll be back for more (that Marcus Valentine guy should be the next US president...seriously).

Thanks for the kind words too and I may catch up with you at the Alexandria on Saturday.


Oh, and by the way, the blog is pronounced "FOO-stir". Just so ya know!

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