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February 27, 2006



She frightens me - and I would not be suprised if she ran her stiletto heel through your neck after that photo.

Ryan Rebensdorf

WoW! reminds me of the suicide girls...
stiletto? maybe her Doc Martins or something? marine boot treads on his face?


she looks like my Mum ;-)


Nice composition on the second picture. There is something decadent about goth women. God bless them (though they not want his blessings!)


I don't know - she looked more of the S&M/Bondage culture than of the depressed/goth-hippie culture.

Jefferson Davis

I ran into a girl yesturday at a shopping centre near me, and people were trying to get away from her, as if she had the bubonic plague. I walked up said hi, and she gave me a death wish stare that I will not soon forget. LOL...


Dream on, Phil.

Jett Loe

Man...all you guys are so negative - the Goth Lady in question was quite nice in real life - most people would not let you take a picture of you praying to the heavens at their feet...


Jett uses Goth in the more American style (victorian clothes, dark hair/lips/eyeliner, pasty skin, agnostic outlook). The Irish tend to lump more subcultures into their label goth, and included stoners, skaters, hippies, rockers, metalers...anyone a bit alternative to their norm.

Jefferson Davis

I think she's kinda hot, except for the pierced lower lip. Of course, whatever turns you on. LOL


The Irish DON'T tend to lump more sub-cultures to our label 'goth', only the stupid ones that have no idea about sub-cultures etc etc. Young Jemma (the girl in the pictures) IS a goth, she looks exactly how a goth 'should' look, and she deliberatly dresses like that to show people that she listens to that style of music, to show them that she doesnt care about what everyone else thinks of her and to show that she is her own person and the pressures of fashion and society do not affect her... and yet apparently she needs to be prayed for... what a joke...

Jett Loe

Andrew - I think you're taking it all a bit too seriously - if you refer to my comment above you'll see that I think Jemma was cool for letting our show take a picure of her - and actually she becomes a talking point in the latest show - "LTA - Ormeau Baths Gallery Shock" which will be uploaded sometime in the next few hours...

Jett Loe

P.S. I'm praying for MY immortal soul...

Ryan Dalzell

Y'know, she's actually not bad looking. In comparison to most of the ones that hang around Belfast city hall anyway.


Limerick used to be heavily peopled with 'Goths', and there are still a goodly number about.

Even though I'm into my early thirties, and a slippers wearing old granddad to young 'goths about town', I find the sight of such (defiant) youth subcultures gladdening and uplifting. It mightn't be the intention of 'alternative' teenagers to put a smile on my face...but it's a happy side effect of their existence.

There are far too many career-minded, young conservatives out there for my liking these days...even in the university setting where I dwell. If you can't say "Fuck de Man" when you're 17 then you might as well kill yourself there and there are (sadly) plenty of years ahead when one is encouraged to worry about ‘important things’ like mortgages, car insurance, and bills, bills, bills.


I KNOW HER! haha
shes called gemma!
hehe how random!


Given the amount of times this seems to happen, I reckon the population of Northern Ireland is about 23.


She's beautiful, I believe, although she might be too nice for her own good. If a complete stranger approached me with the request of taking a picture of me while they knelt at my feet and 'prayed' for me, I would most certainly have knocked them out with my chunky black boots. NOT stilettos.


she is quite possibily the most beautiful girl ever, i hate it when people judge goths. their way of life is actualy good, very nice people


it is really very pretty this girl .she is a Gothics and me I like the Gothics; sorry for my English I am French bye

Devin Salinger

If that is what Goth's look like in Northern Ireland, then i am impressed. Here, in America, they are mostly fat chicks and pimply dudes with no social abilities, dressed to be depressed, i.e. posers. It's nice to see one that has taken your fancy, Jett. That means, she must also have a brain. Sometimes, it is really depressing to be an American.


Devin, Devin, Devin. I'm gonna get on your case here, buddy. "Fat chicks and pimply dudes with no social abilities" is, well, it's innacurate. It's also not very nice. Try to close your eyes when you look at people. You might see a lot more.


hey that is my best mate...she cringes every time she sees that photo..she was actually scared of u lol ready to slap u as well for 'praying' for her tiz quite funny

Jett Loe

Well I'm glad she didn't slap me. Am harmless really.


I think she is stunning!
Someone go back and get her number for me!
I could stay up watching Bela Lugosi and Listening to The Cure all night with her!!!

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