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February 27, 2006


Jett Loe

Am afraid we don't have her number here at LTA Rob, but 'Leigh' above knows her so why not try and email????


I'm not myself a goth, but I don't know what you all are talking about.
Her eyes, skyblue, long black hair.
Heavinly creature.
Absolutely gorgeous!

Jett Loe

Am sure we all agree with you here at LTA Jeebs!


I would also have to say that she is beautiful. I, alas, am one of the unlucky people of the world that does not look very good in the accepted/stereotypical "goth" look, and I'm completely sad about it! I think some people, such as Gemma, look absolutely stunning in this style. For Gemma I think that the dark hair and light skin really plays up her bright blue eyes and makes them the focal point, it's really the first thing you notice about her. I'd say it's a lot better than the average American girl (I'm American so I am not just bashing) who is emphasizing her bosom and her butt. People generally look at whatever you highlight girls, which is why t-shirts that have anything written right across your chest are a bad idea (especially the ones that say something along the line of "my face is up here"). If you don't want people looking at your chest don't make it a bilboard for crying out loud. Sorry; subject yeah; Goth is beautiful!

Aorund Par

Sadly, I live over in the United States, so my chances of meeting this Gemma girl in person ever are probably NONE, but I must say that I agree with everyone that thinks she is (every possible word for beautiful ever, period), but multiply their sentiment by (some absurdly large number near infinity) and that's how I feel. I absolutely love Goth style, and I wish I could look the part, but sadly, I can't, so it's up to me to admire and worship the people who can, including this Gemma girl. I hope that someone with the right connections would be willing to forward this to her so that it may be possible to establish some potential contact and perhaps conversation, maybe sharing pictures of our lives and times via email, sounds of the worlds around us, stuff like that. I've bookmarked this page so I can check back, so I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but any effort contributed toward Gemma and I establishing contact would be very highly appreciated!


Aorund Par

I just got a reply from the person who knows this girl Gemma, and she says that Gemma is very shy and doesn't like that she was used on the site, and doesn't want to be contacted by all these people who see these pictures and are like OMG SHE'S GOTH or OMG SHE'S HOT! and stuff, so sorry people, but don't try and contact her or the person that knows her, or they might get really bothered and stuff, so yeah... sorry, folks.

Jett Loe

Sorry to hear that Gemma feels used Aorund Par - if Gemma wants to contact us here at LTA we will of course respect her wishes re: use of photos.


I may of just misinterpreted this but I hope you don't assume that just because people are goths they need to be prayed for? There are goths of all religions (I for example am a christian YAY!) and goths arent (always) depressed/angry/violent, if they are that has nothing to do with their style.

visit for more info

Jett Loe

Hi Ria - nope, I was joking.


Ria, unless yours was just a surf-by commenting, stick around. While Jett may be a fundamentalist conservative Christian, and a tad judgmental and fearful of those who aren't, he's really not that bad of a guy.


Sorry I just get alot of rubbish from some people because they dont believe I can be a Christian and still wear the clothes that I do. Im sure he is a nice guy :)

Jett Loe

Just be kind to others and treat them as you would want to be treated - and dress how you like! :-)

croatian goth girl

i think she's pretty. but since i'm one of those girls myself, i don't think i can be objective. i think it was kinda nice of her to let you take her photo.
maybe she's not that bad after all.
hell's fire, mother night and may the darkness be merciful

all the love,
leave a touch down in a rust


Ok people I have read these comments and think it is time to set some of you straight on the world of goths.
1. most of us do NOT wear stiletto's. We mostly wear chunky heels.

2. Devin Salinger we are not all fat. to the contrary I am quite skinny and so are most of us. Pimply dudes, as i believe you put, is not at all what goth guys are. As for no social abilities that is also wrong. We actually go out and enjoy ourselves quite a bit.

3. we do NOT hate god(or at least some of us)there are christian, mormon, catholic, and wiccan(not devil worship like people think they simply believe in different things but all is based upon god).

4. Stereotyping is not something you should be doing. It is wrong a nd hurtful especially to us. Though society might not understand us they shouldn't label us!

I feel your pain Gemma! I live in Colorado so we get a lot of tourists. I will usually be minding my own business walking down the street and someone wil go "OH MY GOD A REAL GOTH!!!!! Can we take a picture of you???" I usually oblige but don't usually let them pray at my feet.

Jett Loe

Don't think you understand where I'm coming from Sad Angel - suggest you read the comments. Or better yet listen to The Podcast.

Aorund Par

Wow, people are still leaving comments on this post? I don't know what to say about that...


I do understand where you are coming from. I just do not understand some of the individuals who shun us or label us. We are human biengs and choose to live this way.


Wow...she's reallt beautiful. Being one of those "goth girls", I really do respect why some of us don't like random people attacking us and asking for a picture and asking if we need prayer. (I'm christian, too, fancy that!) I love the vctorian gothic look most of all.

Oh, as a pointer, our subculture encompasses many differnt style of dress, this is just one of the many looks............

Jett Loe

I was joking.


honetly why are people so judgemental? a person may feel hurt but as soon as they express it in through clothing that makes a you feel uncomfortable they become a person who poses a threat!? i dont get it, if cloths reflect so much then as the next person you see with steel toe boots to build you a house. honestly, try to understand a person before you make suggestions about their personality. a lot of people just want to be understood


I'm constantly amazed at how even people that spend time online have so little understanding of satire.

Jett Loe

It's cause the net often has no context I think - that and people don't bother to read the comments to see what's actually going on. It gets me down sometimes - I really don't want to have to go around constantly saying IT'S A JOKE - I'M JOKING - but as you can see from the latest post re: Closing of voting for the Blog Awards, I STILL HAVE TO DO IT - makes me wanna just pack it all in if people are too thick to get what's going on. Anyway, enough bitching - it's something Wayne and I discuss in this week's show.

lilith from croatia-našice

+goth rules..
I like goth girls, and love goth boys..
I like this girl, there is something more about her..
and hate u people with no feelings at all..only for yourself..human like the greatest animal ever...+´


Hi, I'm a Goth. I find you're site very offensive. And belive me, I'm much more of a Goth than the picture you've got.


Hi, me again. I want to know why do people fear us because we're different. Its not like were from a different planet or anything. Some people are Goths because they're scared or being bullied. Whats bad about being different?

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