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February 27, 2006



yeah well not like u could tell by what uve posted here, chantel, all u ever write about is how gothic u r and stuff, but im glad u have other interests next to bragging about your blond hair
love y'all


I hate my hair.


Chantel, are you sure you don't want to go out with me?




ok no offense then, must have been some1 else


heheh lol :P I agree with chant at this. Im not
understand why some ppl believe that goth dont have lifes.. really now do you believe to be goth you have to go out only after midnight?? or that do not have interest? i know a lot of ppl who hear goth industrial etc music and have family kids wife... it like you say that those who hear RnB or club music do not have lifes or interest... to be honest the most ppl who go to clubs do not have interest at all... i cant understand where you find diff between these 2...anyway... Vamp i want to go out with you but im sure that we are a little far :DDDD


I not allowed to go out after midnight. I wouldn't want to anyway. I have to be back by 8:45.



Jett Loe

Please be civil here - otherwise I'll have to ask you to leave.


y did you call that person a pice of SHIT


i agre with the person post in front of me


les start over hi i'm mackenna and i am hear to meet new pepel




my mom is a cop and i can sick he on you and she is on the gard


can som body geav me ther adess

Aorund Par

Wow, what the hell happened here? SPAM, that's what it looks like. Some middle and/or High-School kids seem to have found your site, Jett, and they turned this post into VampireFreaks or something. This has got to be the most commented-on post of all time, but for all the wrong reasons. Seems to be one hell of a party, though...

Katya this is a really rambling comment-train. I reeeally don't see what Mackenna is doing on here...I mean, please, if you have to post random junk on here in a quest to find "meet new pepel", at least learn how to spell and structure a sentence. I apologize for picking on you, but that's a pet peeve of mine.

I tend to be called a 'punkgoth' quite often, based on clothing. I also tend to like 'gothic' bands. And Jett, I could tell you were joking, and I found it actually quite funny. A kind parody of people who generalize that 'all goths must be depressed satanists'. Heehee.

Anyway. Gemma is quite pretty. And the 'gother than thou' thing? please, grow up. I believe in being yourself, not trying to live up to a standard (be it for preps or goths). And tyechnically, goth is a music genre. therefore, how can you tell who's 'gother' by looking at their clothing? It can be an indication, but shouldn't be a basis for judgement.

Phew. Done. Replies welcome, but things like 'u r soo mean' or 'shut up b*itch!' will not be answered.


Vamp, chill.




I have grown weary of the 'goth-talk', and have decided to read things posted within the past twelve months.


Why is it that people seem to take themselves so seriously, accept the joke and move on...

And comments like 'I'm far more Goth' and all that seem silly to me, firstly being goth isn't just one thing, it's a mixture of things - music, clothes, whatever. Saying your more goth than someone else is subjective because when you say that your going by your own standards for what being goth is.

The person that likes MCR, i suggest you listen to Queen, from what I hear MCR ripped them off completely with the Black Parade album. Also, I was pretty certain that MCR are Emo, not goth.

People need to get used to the idea that humanity is judgemental, people WILL stereotype others whether you like it or not. So you have to accept that goth will likewise get stereotyped. I say I hate Chav's or Emo kids, but what I mean is I hate the stereotypes of these groups.

Talking of stereotypes, I sometimes use peoples ignorance to my advantage, the other day I was accosted by a man and to get rid of him I told him I was a Satanist. His reply? Apparantly I didn't 'look' like a Satanist and was clearly lieing, he then told me to put a curse on him if I was actually a Satanist. How could this guy know i'm not a Satanist, he'd never met me before. As for the 'curse' thing, that was just plain funny. I belive he may of been thinking of Paganism instead.

That guy could easily have offended me, but I chose to find it funny, the same as I found Jett's earlier sarcastic reply to my first post funny. And I think that just about neatly brings my ramble back to my first point.


Hello I'm joining in on what seems to form into some kind of chat website.

I have many 'gothic' intrests I dress it I love Darkwave Victorian costumes and I read the bible Even though I am not Christan(I do not want to offend any Christans or satanist people)I think Gemma is Morbidly Beautiful and I think It was wrong to take that picture!

Hello Phil,Vamp and Chantel

Vamp do NOT fucking hook up with chantel or keep asking her to go out with you I find it disturbing (offence to Phil not Chantel)


Heehee. This debate is funny. We're all going in circles, and not saying much.

I agree with Sk but I'm not as good at explaining myself!


Hey, what's up, people? Anyone who's still active in here please say 'Hello'.



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