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February 27, 2006



I think this goth girl is really beautiful =)


You know what, this site is starting to get really boring. SOMEONE SPEAK!!!

Jett Loe

Usually the action takes place elsewhere.

Mr L

What a stunning young Woman.

It takes guts to be different from the crowd and to be your own person, and I really admire her for it.

N.I Alternative.

Lmao I know her.Don't you think it's a bit rude to pray at people?Embaressing too.Up the Northern Irish goths,hahaha...

Jett Loe

Don't worry N.I. Alternative - if you read the comments you'll see I was taking the piss out of the kind of people 'who would pray for her; anyhew, Jemma was a real champ for letting us take this photo.

N.I Alternative.

Oh that's ok-I did wonder,the look of rapture on your face did seem a little too.......but who can tell with the crazy people running around today,in the name of religion

Deborah Mythic K.

Why do all of you assume she'll hurt you? she doesn't look dangerous to me... its a good picture though. i just wish you wouldn't judge her from it. judging her is judging all of us.

Jett Loe

I'm not judging her - I was satirising all the folks who do, (it's all in the extremely long comments section...).

free xxx

this is great, its sooo cute! :D


Wow I havent been on here in a while and I see I have missed out on the ramblings of people trying to date eachother. I feel utterly dissapionted and left out! boohoo.

Sk, Paganism is not a religion where followers would try to curse you. This may clear things up P.S. Dont make assumptions.
Paganism is the broad term used to describe any religion or belief that is not Christian, Jewish or Muslim. Paganism can be traced back to Neolithic times and survived up until the middle ages when Christianity became powerful enough to erase it from existence. Paganism is an earth based religion which lays emphasis on the worship of all aspects of nature. Paganism appeared very early on in the history of the world. Examples of early paganism, can be seen in ancient Greek and Roman religions, as well as in ancient Goddess worship and Druidic religions.
more at

Katya, I think that you are right. I looked up some of the sterotypes on wikipedia and found that they are nothing but music genres.

Earth Doctor

I like goths. They're usually nice and I find goth girls quite attractive. :) <#


wow...i read all the comments and conversations..not sure if its a chatting site or comment site..but yeah,whatever.
i'm a beginner in the gothic world.don't know much about it,only the black,red and violet clothing.oh,and not forgetting the smokey's all gorgeous.i dress up that way just to be seen as different,because i am's all good.
the girl in the picture is her smile,she seems to have a friendly personality.i admire her.she makes a great goth."you go girl!"

Mirarennaria Meraa Firefly

She's beautiful, and she was very good-natured to let you photograph her like that. If i was in a similar situation, i probably would have done the same, but not all goths would have. :)

See, people?

We're not ALL syphylitic monsters.

Just most of us.

:licks up some goat blood:



dude what goth 2 u shes beautiful as hell
asi can see but yeah iam a true goth down to the trench coat in black combat boot
but one question what is goth to u can u explain that ????




man wats up w/u ppl? first off i think she's pretty hot. second i think its pretty freakn awesome that she's got the guts to dress how she feels and not care wat anyone thinks, y'all judging ppl how they dress is wats f***ed up. i know lots of goth ppl and they're nice ppl, if someone says hi to them they smile and say hi back, no where does it say that all goths r required to be depressed cynical b*tches. and they rn't all like that. dont generalize, it only makes problems for everyone.


i was just looking through pictures, and i saw this, i think i look a lot like the girl in the picture, i don't think i would have let someone take my picture was nice of her to let u....i just finished reading all of these comments and i can't believe what u people were fighting over, it's hilarious ~rachel~


She is so beautiful. I'd move to Ireland for her.


thats gemma :)
she goes to bangor tech,,shes awsum,,,n dead nice!

Jamie Doyle

Wow.. a lot of people here really didn't get the sarcasim...
Jett, just one thing dude, when you get back from Eden-Burg you really should do an LTA episode about the alternative scene in Belfast. Try the City Hall, Waterfront Hall and Customs House Square.
I guess to make it balanced you should do a chapter about spieds/chavs/millies as well. I see it now, LTA: Jett Loe goes burberry.

Fergie Ferg

you would be amazed how many goths ther is in N.ireland!
must of them are posers u no they try to be emo/goth/punk
but the real ones arent like all "euggh i am a goth" they're actually pretty cool. the thing is there is to many chavs. u cant go down one street with out some one calling you things, or comin and hittin u! just today me and my best friend got hit with stones because we were "emo". I went over to the guys n wer like WTF are you doing. and they like Ur stupid emo's and i mentiond i aint emo i'm punk and as soon as i said that they ran.
Its just sto0opid
its a free country n and u get beaten up for not fitten in!
Gemma had a lot of confidence to go out liek that in N.ireland!


Ok so when I seach "Gothic Girls" on Google for abit of fun I find this site!... random I go to Bangor College and study art and know Gemma. Well I dont know her much though only a lil bit.

Jamie Doyle

Fergie Ferg, you've got it completely right. There's too many chavs/steeks about that try and start on people for the way they dress.
It sucks. Of course, anyone who lives in Northern Ireland and is a "gaffik", "hippi" or "fookn emo" will know this.

Fergie Ferg

wer i come from if ur not a chav ur labeled as a goth or emo.
n ur like WTF man get a life. ther all so sto0opid!
im sometimes ashamed to live in N.I!
i mean..the pregnancy age here is 13!..and most 13 yr olds r sluts n act liek theyr adults.
some times im happy to live here..actually i cant think of a reason why im happy in N.I..
but come on this isnt nice anymore goin down the street..and here u fookn(lol) emo c**t
( any one who doesnt understand this language come to NI n u will hear the way ppl say things)

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