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February 20, 2006


Wayne Ordinary American

Thank god it's only a 'broken pipe'. I thought the Sheen/Estevez clan had maybe kidnapped you from the wrap party.

Jett Loe

Joe Estevez was super cool - let's talk about it on Chapter 24.


When it comes to fixing brokenm pipes, are IT guys as hard to find, and as unreliable, as plumbers?

So how about a second episode of Future Fear on Google Video to tide us over. Maybe Orac will make an appearance in episode two?


Reclaiming a lost son, perhaps? I could see that happening, Wayne.


Fast work - you must have called the 24hr IT plumbers. Chapter 23 just downloaded to iTunes.


On the other hand, given the particular type of content, there might not have been a lot of 1s and 0s to upload this week!

It'll win the 2006 Turner Art Prize, even if it doesn't help your chances in the Irish Blog Awards. (Congratulations on shortlisting by the way.)

First time I've got through a 56 minute podcast while brushing my teeth.

Jett Loe

then you didn't listen to the whole thing - or you're EXTREMELY SCRUPULOUS about your dental hygine... ;-)


But LTA encourages time travel ... even if it's only with the aid of a click wheel. Your coffee must have been cold by the end.

Jett Loe

Hey Alan - I appreciate what you're saying, but you're not getting the full experience if you speed through it...

p.s. the coffee had gone cold by the time I started recording - wanted to heat it up but thought that would have violated the whole 'ramadan/sabbath' vibe...


OK ... I'll promise to set some time aside (next time I'm on the red eye flight to Heathrow would be perfect) to engage in the full-on LTA#23 experience.

Who'd have thought - Jett Loe the fervent Sabbatarian!

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