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March 14, 2006




Jimmy Porter

Role on the weekend.

I cannot wait


Well done Jett.

This should be a show to remember...

Jimmy Porter

I've been looking longingly at that photo and just realised.. Has it been doctored?

Because those trousers (That's pants for the american readers) are going to get awfully dirty and if she is wearing high heals beside a river bank, she's going to sink. and loose a shoe.

Also, the bottom of her trousers are not wet.. the plot thickens

Jett Loe

Hmmm....those are interesting points.


No, Jimmy! There is no photo-shopping in the Sligozone!

Aine would never stoop to cutting and pasting for a cheap thrill! Only the lowest form of scum would do that.

Jefferson Davis

That will be an awesome show. I believe you've got a thing for her don't you Jett. I can't lie, she's got my heart racing with those tight pants (trousers) on. LOL...

Tom Thumb

Aine drum and bass remix

Jefferson Davis

That's freaking hilarious Tom. LOL

Wayne Ordinary American

That was incredibly creepy...

Wayne Ordinary American

And I have to say...I think this is Photoshopped.

Jett, are you leading us astray? This doesn't look good...


Beautiful site!


Excellent site - do keep up the good work.

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