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March 28, 2006


Thom Brown, III

Joined them for a d-d-drink???

Indeed . . .

Give Biggy and Barry my best!


And we Yanks sit around watching 'March Madness'...

I would love to see the Pong Brackets for next year's tournament.


Barry's ladyfriend is smokin!

Thom Brown, III

By the way, Jett, this was one of my favourite blogs to date! I think Pong is BITCHIN'!!


Don't suppose that barman is single, eh? :p

Jett Loe

He's seemed like a real nice guy - I'll see what I can do.


Jett - if Pong is drama-filled, than maybe you could pitch it as the "returning drama series" that BBC NI are looking to become the jewel in their crown that they're looking for ...

Maybe start off with the radio version?!


Haha i hate that first picture of me. Urgh.

But i'm a woman so i like to winge.

Good nite, Nice to see you down last nite!

RSi rocked the JH out!!

Take care,

Jett Loe

Nice to see you guys again as well - though as I've already told Biggy - I think I fucked Barry off with those photos - please let Barry know no offense was meant.


I don't think Barry was pissed off, don't worry about it Jett lol.

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