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March 20, 2006



She looks like a waitress you has slipped and thrown her tray way up in the air. Or, a netball player who is frozen in the middle of a slam-dunk... a truly mysterious but thought provoking figure. Can we have a "Northern Ireland art work of the week" post please?

Thom Brown, III

That is some hot, skeletal, nipple-sculpture action . . . Well done.

Wayne Ordinary American

Whew! I thought it was just me who noticed the nipples...

Jimmy Porter

I quite like it :-(.. Am I a freak?

It's better looking at night.


Me, I think it's a vision of the last best hope for restarting the NI economy...

Topless baristas.

Jett Loe

Yeah it is better looking at night Jimmy. Of course I've just been looking at your blog and you're recommending the Clements on Botanic as're making me revaluate all my 'Letter to America' positions!


position is perfect for floor excercise in russian olymic games. perhaps more russian statues in the plazas in belfast. i think this would be good idea.

Jefferson Davis

Cold and damp, she stands in the dark brumal mist, as a beacon, for those that yearn for the Emerald Isle. Her hair is entangled, from the brisk winds of the North Channel, but do not fret, for her stance will not faultier.

That's is the best I could come up with in a minute or two. The first photo is extremly spirited and artistic. I've seen this statue a couple of times, but this is my favorite.

I guess she is waiting for me. LOL :-)

Jefferson Davis

I'm with JC, keep posting these "thought provoking" pictures Jett.


I'd a distinct recollection that LTA had covered the "wee doll on the ball" before ... and after some searching, it was back in early days - LTA chapter 2.

Wonder how many are still listening 25 shows later (well 24, as chapter 13 was tacked on the end of 12).

And there was even a photo of Belfast's Ring Waif in the Sept 11 entry -

Well, if history repeats itself, expect to hear about Belfast Riots on this weekend's show!

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