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March 16, 2006


Wayne Ordinary American

Sometimes I wish I could hear these interviews before I come in to record the show. You'd be amazed how many people are asking me about the OBG closing. (Unfortunately, they're asking a couple of weeks too late...)

Jett Loe

Are you saying you'd like to be more involved in the show? Cause man, you know what happened the last time we tried that! ;-)


Made me laugh out loud with the pic idea! I didnt know the baths gallery was closed until reading your blog a few weeks ago. I was there on 28th Jan and saw the 'scrap' boat, and also managed to see a programme by chance on the bbc of it floating down the lagan.

I had never been before, but I would like to go again. I have just gotten this recent influx of art and culture appreciation in recent months. I need lots of it. Your blog and arty links are becoming reglars of mine!

christopher saucedo

As an artist who had the privilege to exhibit at the OBG I am saddened and angered at the current state of affairs and hope that the powers that be will correct the errors of there ways.
Hugh Mulholland and his staff have helped us all understand that Northern Ireland's art community will always be strong regardless of this temporary moment of confusion. If I can help the gallery in any way please call upon me.

christopher saucedo
[email protected]

Bernie Goldbach

Here's Hugh:

You can use the image because it's open under the CC license.


NVTV - analogue channel 62 around Belfast - - had a programme this week that apparently mentioned OBG.

"Old Museum Arts Cente: The New Arts Centre (22 minutes)


OMAC, one of Ireland’s leading performing and visual arts spaces, welcomes MP David Hanson’s announcement of an £8 million cash commitment to a new arts centre to be located in the Cathedral Quarter. The total cost of the building is £9.232 million - contributions of £4 million from the Arts Council’s Lottery Fund and £4 million from DCAL (Department of Culture Arts and Leisure) and Laganside's land to OMAC at a value of £550K. OMAC has set itself a fundraising target of £1m.

The new Cathedral Quarter venue will include a 300-400 seater and a 120-seater theatre, visual art galleries, dance studios, rehearsal spaces, education rooms, offices for the arts centre staff and resident arts groups as well as a bar and restaurant.

David Hanson MP, Roisin McDonough, Chief Executive of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland & Belfast Councilor Alban McGuiness comment on N. Ireland's record on arts support. Anne McReynolds, Director of OMAC, comments on the challenge ahead to raise £1m in a highly competitive environment."

Think the chanell repeats the wek's material on a lop on Saturday and Sunday - so you might catch it. My reception is too poor to get a decent picture.

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