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March 07, 2006



buy a Canon.

Wayne Ordinary American

Jett, the website is nothing without the pics. I know you're "skint" at the moment but maybe you should sell your soul and direct something like, "I Electrocute My Spouse On Semi-Live TV For Cash" so you can buy a quality "Picture Box". Just a thought.


I like Bobs sunglasses ;-)


Coincidently Bob also has my camera, and has sent it off for repair. I hope your situation hasn't rocked his confidence, the internet needs Bob to pull through here.


Fancy an early birthday present, Jett?


Like the pithy Spaniard, all I can say is "I shit in the milk!" Welcome to Suck Fest City.

Corrosion just bought hisself a world of whup ass up in here.

Jimmy Porter

You have my condolences.

May it rest in pieces.

Ryan Rebensdorf

Damn, that sucks ass! Looks like it didn't last too long? (December 15th Picture) said "testing new camera." Sorry about the loss, Everyone hit the TIP JAR! Show Some LTA Love! and Jett, no more funny business if you do get another camera from tips!

Jett Loe

Hey there Ryan - thanks for the donation via the Tipjar - and yeah if anybody else out there wants help LTA buy a replacement camera feel free to follow Ryan's lead! best, jt.

Jett Loe

Wow! Thanks to everybody who's donatin' money for a new camera using the Tipjar - you're making my day! :-)


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5 for sale

Great reviews all over the web and magazines. 5.0 MP 12x optical zoom.
I am upgrading to a DSLR so is going.....

Price €300 ono
Still under warranty
Sellers Location: Dunshaughlin


(that's not me, check the link to for the offer)

Very unhappy

So, you send off your camera saying "it just stopped working", when in fact YOU KNEW it had been splashed with sea water. Then why all the fuss..... You knew you had done it, yet you would not pay the inspection fee. REMOVE the picture of the corrosion from you web sit. you do not own that picture, as I have the copyright for it. please tell me how I explain to my family why i should not get paid for working on you camera. you have taken food out of my childerns mouths. now you are selling this camera on ebay....I could have kept it for scrap and not lost out

Jett Loe

Here's a copy of the email I've sent you and posted on the eBay auction:

"Hi there - I don't know who you are - is this some sort of prank? When I dropped off the camera I was told it was under warranty - there was no mention of there being an inspection charge. If there was I would have had a friend look at it before agreeing to having it sent off.

Also I never denied that my actions could have resulted in the camera malfunctioning - in fact when I dropped the camera off I joked with the person behind the counter about how everyone who visits Northern Ireland is required to visit the Giant's Causeway - and in fact I even posted about it!

Anyway if you are in fact the person that took the photo of the camera with its case off and you really do object to my posting the photo of it please contact me privately so we can discuss. All the best, jt.

P.S. I've never been accused of taking food out of children's mouths before so you can understand that I take your email very seriously."

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