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March 09, 2006



Ah the conspiracy theorists are out in force. I would go along with this belief but for the fact that the domain was registered in 1999 and that's an awful long time for a marketer to sit on an idea.

Jett Loe

Yeah, that would be a hard-core hoax man... :-)...and of course, as you well know Alan, there are a few folks out there that think LTA isn't real and that we're actually podcasting from the Bay Area...

the other Alan

Maybe Aine's an elaborate hoax ... actually based in Westport!


My first instinct on seeing the site was 'Hoax!', I must admit. It reminds me quite a bit of that "Turkish Bachelor looking for ladies and love" (or whatever it was) site that did the rounds a few years back, and that was later exposed to be a hoax (after everyone in the world had forwarded it to their friends).

I remain very it's all a bit too perfect a pastiche (if that, indeed, is what it is).

Why don't you email 'her' Jett and ask to do a phone interview?


Actually, screw that fence-sitting. I'm calling it: It's a hoax!

I'd put money on it (well, at least Monopoly Money).

Jett Loe

I have emailed her...she responded and...well, I'll talk about it on this weeks' show.

Jett Loe

By the way the Turkish site you mention was 'Mahir' and it was real - I've spoken to him and friends in Turkey.

Keith Gaughan

It's highly unlikely that it's a hoax. I stumbled across that site a year or two back when I was doing some historical research on my own locality in the south of the county. As a Sligoman, I'm pretty sure it's (embarressingly) genuine.


I too received an email from Aine. I believe in Aine!!


Aine is so for real fústar. This is hidden Ireland at its best. Sligozone is irony free.

Keith Gaughan

No, some parts of Sligo are irony-free. The rest of us? Now that's another story.

Wayne Ordinary American



Sorry, Keith. I meant and not the entire county, with some of whose denizens I'm familiar having done the whole UCG thing back in the day.

Tom Thumb

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