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March 13, 2006


dave shortland

mention me on your show you bugger!
dave (from The Patrol set)

Jett Loe

What would you like me to say?

P.S. When's your doc of the making of the film comin' out?

dave shortland

whenever the dvd comes out i guess...
ive still got NINE HOURS of footage to sit through. :-|
You seen the flick? it's fantastic!


Heyyyyyyyy, he's hot! Any chance of a date?

Jett Loe

Yeah I know - he's a younger, better looking version of me! The bastard!

I have no idea what his 'status' is - I talked to him on the phone today and he said he didn't really want to talk about himself till we met on his trip over. All I know is that he's a film-maker.

But you know Karen we here at 'Letter to America' are all about the love - and in fact it is one of the stated goals of the show to hook people so if you are looking for someone, let me know and we'll harness the power of the show to sort ya out!

Jett Loe

Dave - yeah I've seen the rough cut and it looks great - whatcha think of my acting?

dave shortland

Your best acting is in that amazing 10 minute segment the leprechaun and i shot with you guys on the last day. you seen that? it's a treat!

Jett Loe

I have not seen that though I've heard it's great and should be included as an Extra on the DVD. Email me buddy and we'll hook up - maybe I'll put a copy of it here on the site if it's OK with the Director and the NIFTC.

dave shortland

Beezer. Good idea man.
Wot's your e-mail address? I'm sure I'll pester you to act for me some time.


What the f----???!!!

Jett Loe

Dave: [email protected]

Phil: Yeah I know - it's amazing.

Wayne Ordinary American

You know, Jett, it's hardly surprising that people question the authenticity of LTA. I was there when you got the call at the awards and, even after seeing this, I still can't believe it. When is he coming over?

Jett Loe

Dude, you were there when I got the call - yet when you saw the photo you STILL questioned it - thought it was Photoshop or something.

If Wayne doesn't believe the show how can we expect anyone else to?

He's coming in August.

P.S. Wayne - confirmed you know who for interview this evening!

Wayne Ordinary American

Really? You got "you know who"? That's FANTASTIC!!!

(Who's "you know who"?)

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