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March 05, 2006


Jefferson Davis

Fantabulous show Jett and Miss X. Miss X was luscious as always.


The never-heard Mr Northern Ireland to the rescue ...

Most likely you were distracted by Tara Breathnach who played Gregor Samsa's mother. (Unless you took a fancy to his sister Greta played by Niki Doherty.)

The Belfast News Letter reviews the play at ... and there's even a picture of Tara at (A quick Goggle search will throw up links to her stilt walking talents too!)

Oh, and as a bonus, the Arts Council NI "answered" the questions that were read out in the clip at the end of LTA 25 at


PS: The closure of OBG made it to the Ireland edition of the Sunday Times -,,2091-2070595,00.html - though it didn't specifically mention that Jett and his black cigarette box were in the crowd of 200 that gathered in Wednesday's vigil!

Jett Loe

Thanks for the info Alan - in recognition of all your hard work and continuing commitment to LTA I am, as of this very moment, making you the OFFICIAL Letter to America interim MR. NORTHERN IRELAND; this post of course comes with all the attendant rights and responsibilities one would expect of the post.

NOT Wayne Ordinary American

I think maybe Alan should be the OFFICIAL Northern Ireland Story of Week news source, since I-- I mean, Wayne-- seems to continually drop the ball on that front.

(Note to Miss X: I KNOW Wayne Ordinary American! I WORK with Wayne Ordinary American! And you, Miss, are NO Wayne Ordinary American!)


Here! The LTA co-host poll award 2005 was a *draw* with the WOA - innit?!

mr x

alan is mr norn iron

dave shortland


I'm the guy who was running around on The Patrol videotaping the behind-the-scenes. Just found your site....quality stuff!
Just saw the basic cut of the film tonight-----ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!


dave shortland

hahahahaha and i loved Anarchy In The UK


I was just watching Miss X the other night. on the tele, not thru her curtains! what a woman, what a co-host.

That recording of the guy at the Ormeau Baths rally at the end of the show...he really made me wonder about the financial competancy of the people running the gallery. It sounds like the Arts Council isn't withdrawing funding in total, just not giving it to some artists (cowboys?) who couldn't manage a business.


Excellent coverage of the protest.

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