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March 11, 2006



Hurry up I can't wait !!!!


Team fústar is back home and waiting for Letter to America, the blog awards podcast, to go live. We have much drink on board and are getting antsy. Jett and Wayne, you guys totally rocked out wyco. Say hi to Aine for us.


Jett and Wayne,

Great fun to meet the pair of you last night and we wait, with baited breath, for the podcast. I have an interesting picture of me looking like a midget standing between the two of you which I'll make available soon.

More later...


Hey guys - it was so great to meet you. I await podcst with both excitement and trepidation ;)
And you should have won a prize for the most dapper chap in the place :D:D:D


Unforunately I didnt get chatting to you last night, but we do live in the same city...


I smell another lawsuit.

Jett Loe

Hi Phil - would have been nice to have met you, (and actually I told Wayne that you were one of the people I was sorry not to hook up with), but hey I didn't know whatcha looked like. What's your excuse? ;-)

P.S. You were my personal fav. of the contenders for best Photo blog - so keep up the good work!


Great to meet you guys last night.

Jett, if you ever do your stand-up act again in Dublin, let me know.


So the podcast right now is not much different from the Oscars?


you & wayne are a lot taller than I expected

Wayne Ordinary American

Jett's shorter than me, Fixer. (Just wanted to point that out....)


podcasting must take away a few inches


Was great to meet you guys last night. Comiserations on not winning but I look forward to hearing mention of the funky chicken dance in your podcast!

Jett Loe

Karen - I would have done it you know! :-)

Damien Mulley


Jett Loe

Damien - WOW! Thanks for the links - she's a hell of a woman.

Damien Mulley

More here:

I'm with you on this one!



Home again and am busy downloading the show right now, even though I can barely keep my eyes open. That's hardcore!

Just posted my thoughts on the night myself...probably gibberish as I'm too tired to think straight...

Jett Loe

Just read your comments on Fustar - thanks as always for the shout-out. Would have loved to attended the post-ceremony drink fest but as you rightly point out the podcast had to come first. I had hours of material to cut down - maybe someday I'll release a 'director's cut' with more of the Gorilla and Marlon Brando.


Just finished listening Jett & Wayne. Superb stuff...though I'm not sure my mother will appreciate me using the word 'cunt' in a podcast...

Thoroughly enjoyable throughout. Happy 6 month anniversary.

Robin Blandford

Jett... Really wish I'd talked to you on Sat night! I've just subscribed, your show is great...I'm so Impressed! It's Ricky Gervais vs Des Bishop!


Re: Wayne's Google story - is the easiest-to-type URL to find out about the free conference. The Belfast Telegraph merged two press stories in an artistic creation that would perhaps be more at home in the Ormeau Baths Gallery rather than a newspaper!

(i) an Opensource conference in Belfast, which has been organised for several months, but which Google have decided to help sponsor.

(ii) Google expanding jobs at their European HQ in Dublin.

If Google think they'll recruit a lot of people at a conference in Belfast, they better bring a lot of high quality free pens and thermal mugs to give away! (I'm still using my Nortel mug from a careers fair held 12 year's ago!)


Good show by the way. LTA's all about the journey - half way theough the podcast and you were still adventuring towards Dublin!

You must have driven the past Broadway roundabout at the top of the M1 on your travels - they've started the roadworks - apparently it'll take them a couple of years to put up the new sculpture and fix up the road again.

Bruce Curley

"And if an old friend of mine from Belfast, Rory McIlroy, ever blogs, tell him to give me a shout." is how I just ended a blog about the Irish Blog Awards. Belfast is a small place. If you can, get word to Rory to contact me so we can catch up...and teach him what blogs do and why he should have one. Tell him that the Pogues tape he made for me that survived the fire is still providing inspiration.


Jett, looks like you get a mention in the Electric News Net article at To quote:

> One attendee who stood out from the crowd was a tall tuxedoed gentleman who was constantly talking into a large microphone -- presumably for a podcast. Pausing his babbling momentarily to speak into the lectern-mounted mic after he won a raffle prize was a classic piece of Monty Pythonesque slapstick for the online-generation.

Tall, tuxedoed, babbling, large microphone, Pythonesque - certainly doesn't describe Wayne!

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