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March 11, 2006


Jett Loe

That's an interesting article - mainly for everything that it gets wrong. For example, the event the text referred to is incorrect - I never went up to the lectern - in fact it was Wayne who mistakenly went up - I followed him with a running commentary - he realised his mistake and sat back down. Letter to America never won a prize nor spoke on the PA system; (but I guess his story is more exciting! :-)


I can vouch for Jett's version of events. The (extra)ordinary American, Wayne, understandably thought he'd won a prize in the raffle because instead of distributing tickets from two books of distinct colours, the raffle tickets were either pink or peach! It was pretty hard to tell the difference in the basement of the Alexander Hotel.

I won a prize myself but it took me ages to go up because having seen what happened to the Jett and Wayne, I was afraid of making the same mistake. It was only when no one else seemed to be getting up to claim the prize, that I got the gumption to go up.

None of the raffle winners approached the lectern and spoke into the microphone there.

Jett's mike was not "large" but rather discreet.

The only Pythonesque moment was when one raffle "winner" approached the host, Rick O'Shea and said, I won, but I've lost the ticket and I shouted "I've lost it too, and so has my wife".

Ok, I do not have a wife, but that guy didn't have a ticket!


The sequence of events with the guy who 'lost the ticket' was as follows (he was sitting right in front of us):

The number is called out and yer man realises that it's his ticket...or so he pretends. He stands up, rummages around in his pockets for a while, and then says 2 or 3 times in a flat, monotone, northern accent: "I've lost it".

He then goes up to the podium and stands with his hands by his side until Rick O'Shea notices him -

Rick: Do you have the ticket?

Yer man: [In flat, monotone, northern accent] I've lost it.

Rick: Sorry?

Yer man: [In IDENTICAL flat, monotone, northern accent] I've lost it.

Rick thinks about it for a bit while yer man stares at him before giving in and chucking him a prize.

I had his voice in my head all night (I've lost it, I've lost it, I've lost it).


Just listened to the show after downloading it earlier this week. It was great. But just wanted to know if I was the person you thought was a little rude to you both at the awards. I was the guy with the 'Practical Common Lisp' book. I hope it wasn't me, but if it was, I'd like to apologise anyway. I'm rather shy and introverted and the whole night was rather overwhelming for me, and sometimes that come across to people who aren't introverted as aloofness. Here's a great article:

'Twas good to meet the two of you though! Definitely.

BTW, a big part of the reason why I haven't got into listening to podcasts outside of novels is that I only recently managed to get DSL after suffering with dial-up for ages.

Jett Loe

Hey there - no of course you were not the rude blogger - it was nice to meet ya as well - and there's nothing wrong with being introverted - I used to be an introvert as well and perhaps my natural exuberance now is a reaction to that! :-)

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