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March 18, 2006



Sweetest Easter Egg to date.

Jett Loe

Thought I saw ya at the After Party! (P.S. you're comin' down to Sligo with Wayne and I right?)


I'm scared, Jett. So fuckin' scared.

Jett Loe

Of what, man? It'll be great, I really want to see Sligo! (Have not set things up with Aine yet - I don't want pry into her life or cause her any hassle, I'm know she's being inundated with emails)


Great show this week. Wayne definitely has an edge over Thom.

Hugh's pretty down on the othee local gallery spaces? Maybe you should hire him to review the small exhibitions that are on (hire = a cup of coffee when you record him)?

And the after-show party was good - thanks.

Jett Loe

Hey thanks for comin' to the After Party Alan - we had a good time didn't we?

And yeah, I know I'm too hard on Wayne - I've come up with a plan to rectify this.

Wayne Ordinary American

Thanks for vote of confidence, Alan.

And yes, Jett, I DID listen to the WHOLE show (OK, I skipped the Thom interview cuz I heard it the other night).

Hugh was great! Sorry to hear your plan of making the entire city of Belfast a gallery had already been taken... *snicker*


Another great show Jett & Wayne.

That Tom/Thom guy seemed a fairly diligent LTA listener but he got the crucial LTA/Fústar question surely Wayne is safe on his throne for another few weeks at least.

Pity the Áine audio was corrupted by Skype gremlins, but from what I could hear it looks like my initial scepticism about the 'authenticity' of the site was misplaced. Apologies to Áine...I'm obviously just too damn cynical...

Oh and nice Vin Diesel remark to the bouncer Jett...particularly as VD himself was (apparently) once "a bouncer at some of New York's hippest clubs" [IMDB].

Incidentally, perhaps LTA could do an experiment to see if anyone in Belfast can manage to watch The Pacifier the whole way through. You could interview the 'winner' on the show...assuming they hadn't deteriorated into a dribbling, gibbering mess.

Jett Loe

Hell, I'll give a prize to anybody who can sit through 'Battlefield Earth' in one go - I've tested friends on this - IT'S IMPOSSIBLE.


Jesus, Battlefield Earth. I've seen the same ten minute segment about 15 times on tv, and hard as I've tried, I've never been able to persevere with it. It looks like one of those hillbilly camcorder movies they show on the Blizzard of Odd, but with none of the charm or coherence, obviously.


PS, I thought a pacifier was American for soother, what you stick in a baby's gob to keep it quiet. Not exactly the hardest movie title ever.


That's why I think it is very possible that it really was Vin Diesel you were talking to.

mr x

Doesnt every bouncer think they are/look like vin diesel.
salad dodgers the lot of them.
roll on the wayne special.

mr x

speaking of movies you keep seeing the start of, under seige, its on tv at least once a month. unavoidable


So ya know I couldn't get the iTunes link on yr site to add LTA to my iTunes at work on Windoze XP. It might be me, it might not be. Keep up the great work!

Jett Loe

Thanks for the info Paolo - on OSX it launches iTunes and takes you to LTA - anybody else out there using Windows having this problem?

Thom Brown, III

Did everyone have a Great St. Patrick’s Day? Great show to go with it anyway . . . Kudos to Jett and Wayne. Aine is freakin' adorable!

Apparently it is the consensus that "surely Wayne is safe on his throne," so in the spirit of gentlemanly competitiveness and in order to raise the satkes a bit:

Jett: And now it's time for . . . "Thom Brown's Big Northern Irish story of the Week." What have you got for us today, Thoooom!"

Thom: Well, Jett, this week I--

J: Wait a minute, wait for the Theme tune!!"

(Something KICK-ASS but tasteful.)

Th: I LOVE that theme, Jett! How did you get the Rolling Stones to play it for free, anyway?

J: You know me, Thom; I've got my music hookups!

Th: You sure do, Jett, which brings me to my Big Northern Irish Story of the Week. This Friday something very hot is going down at the gorgeous Europa Hotel in Belfast.

J: What's that Thom?

Th: The 2006 Northern Ireland DMAs (Dance Music Awards.) This is an awesome organization, Jett. Obviously, the awards were set up as to show recognition for those within the industry in Northern Ireland. First a Panel selected by the organization votes, then they submit it to the public . . . Some categories to be voted on this year are:

1) Best Club

2) Best Northern Irish Venue

3) Best Up & Coming Talent

4) Best Gay Night Club

5) Best Northern Irish DJ


6) Best Contribution to the scene, etc.

What I found particularly awesome about this event is each year; the awards body appoints a single charity to be the sole beneficiary of the revenue generated from the event. 2006's charity is ChildLine N.I.

For more information on the DMA, voting, and buying tickets to this year's after-party at the Europa check out the following link:

Or call:

028 9048 3999

(011-44 28 9048 3999 if calling from the States)

I think tickets are only like 50 quid, (around $88.)

AND, for hotel booking information, check out the stunning, yet affordable, Europa:

Or call:

028 9027 1066

(011-44 28 9027 1066 if calling from the States)

J: Thanks, Thom!

(KICK-ASS Theme plays again . . .)

Your move, Wayne . . .


Best episode so far.


That is too much information to digest, Thom.

I prefer Wayne's "reader's digest" version, where he only gives you the highlights of what you need to know, ie, "Google is hiring a bunch of people"...quick and to the point. Move on. Keep up the good work, Wayne(cha ching!).


Talking of movies ... Slumber has gone quiet over the last month. Any word of funding - or has your interest/invervention in the OBG situation scuppered any money from NI arts bodies?

Wayne Ordinary American

Two things, Thom:

1. Have you actually seen the Europa? Gorgeous? Puh-leaze.

2. Jett would never let you get that many words in edgewise.

And Phil, your keen eyes/ears are more insightful than even you may know (as always). Get to the point and move on, that's actually my motto. I work from a strict Counter Information Strategy.

With the internet and everything, we're constantly bombarded day in day out with so-called 'facts.' Anything I can take away from that deluge is a job well done, as far as I'm concerned.

Thom Brown, III

Touché . . .
1. I embellished a bit on the "gorgeous," comment. Artistic license?
2. You see, Wayne, Jett WOULD let you get that many words in, IF you would MAN-UP a bit and talk right back over him . . . he wouldn't mind, I'm sure, to be challenged a bit. He's just the sort of guy to enjoy a good tussle for the spotlight. (You have it in you, Wayne; I know it!)
3. Wayne, Phil . . . I'd be VERY surprised if the average listener of LTA would agree with your "Less is More" mentality considering Jett's loquacious nature . . . on the other-hand, Wayne, your lack of quantity is DEFINATELY well-countered by your abundance of quality. I'm on your side, buddy . . .

Nothing but love from NYC . . .

(Wayne, I'm still awaiting your move . . . Mere critiques do not count . . . Bring it!)

Jefferson Davis

Great show Jett, Wayne, and last but not least Ainie. I enjoyed the Ainie easter egg. Keep it up guys...


The words "holy" and "crap" come to mind, in that order! :-)

Must sleep...

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